Name: flyknight2

Date of Birth: 9 February 2009

World: Bootes

Job: Hero


Early year 2009 – Started the game as flyknight2

Middle year 2009 – Reached level 30 as Fighter

End of year 2009 – Achieved 3rd job as Crusader on the release date of Aran in Maplesea

                                     – Started an Aran with IGN AranImmune, achieved Combo King Medal and Lirin’s Ring on level 50.

Early year 2010 – Stopped Aran, continued with Crusader.

May 2010 – Achieved level 100.

Middle year 2010 – The release of Evan class in Maplesea.

                                     – Started an Evan class with IGN FlyOnyx.

                                     – The opening of FinnixOrder.

September 2010 – Created an Infighter named FlyStriker for Explorer’s Ring Event.

October-November 2010 – Stopped Evan class.

                                                     – Achieved 4th job as Hero.

                                                     – The release of Dual Blade in Maplesea.

                                                     – Started a Dual Blade character with IGN XFlyBladersX.

Early year 2011 – Stopped Dual Blade.

                                  – Training slower than ever.

                                  – Retired from the game for a month.

End of February 2011 – Back in the business.

                                              – Golden Temple Event is back in Maplesea.

Early May 2011 – Stopped the game for 2 weeks.

May 13, 2011 – Disbanded FinnixOrder because of the weakness in the guild.

May 15, 2011 – Joined Remorseless guild.

                             – flyknight2’s first Zakum run.

May 18, 2011 – The official release date of Big Bang in Maplesea.

After May 18, 2011 – Present days


2007 – The first ever character made by me, Flyknight, is here in Maplesea as a Page.

– A very slow trainer. I was 10 that year.

– Reached level 48 on the year 2008 if not mistaken.

– Sold to a friend at a very low price.


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