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Happy New Year 2013 – A new beginning: The end

January 1, 2013 Leave a comment

11 days ago we survived the apocalypse! YAY!!

The year 2012 ended really fast, don’t you think so? I could just surf back my videos throughout the year and see how I did in the year.

This year will be a busy year for me, I have to care for my academic studies, piano lessons and exams, religious activities and others. As a planning, I decided to stop updating this blog page. I have some few reasons to support my decision.

  • My posts are mostly copied

Yes, if you notice carefully my post for Justice updates, you can find out that I copied the update notes from other blogs like shakar or orangemushroom.

I don’t feel like copy others’ anymore. Instead of copy from them, why don’t ask my readers to read theirs? It might work for most of us, consider that MapleSEA updates are copied from KMS and GMS.

  • Time

In my previous Justice posts, I spent days copying them. This takes much of my time which I can use those time to do other things like hanging out with my friends.

I know that KMS posts take hours, but they have that time to update their posts. But not me, and the best thing is not to compare myself to them.

It’s not the end of my blogging

For most of you don’t know, I have another blog page. You can access it below:


For now there is only Mandarin posts, I will type them when I feel like it. Some of my time is invested at that page.

I will continue blogging, except that it’s not related to Maplestory updates.

What about Facebook?

flyknight2’s official page will not be closed, it will be up and running as usual. I might share some pictures too.

fly, are you quitting?

This question doesn’t have an answer yet. For now I will continue with the game but will be less active due to insufficient time.

When I cannot cope with my studies, I will quit temporary. I might be quitting permanently on 2014 where college starts.


Youtube page will not be shut down as well, I know there are no videos uploaded recently because there is NOTHING I can record.

I will remain semi-active on Youtube because making videos consumes lot of time.

Final words

I, flyknight2, wishes all my friends, family and fans, not forgetting my fellow readers a Happy New Year: 2013. May this year be a great year for you, accomplish new things, Happy Mapling as usual and you might hear from me next time. 🙂

Once again, thanks for supporting me. Hope you all will continue supporting me.


Happy New Year!!!

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Dear Diary – 24 October 2012

October 24, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s been 3 weeks, the exams has stressed me out a lot. Luckily, I managed to survived it until now. It’s time to highlight out the timetable.

75% of the timetable is gone NOW. There is 3 more days of my exams left. It’s not that much and I can manage it out.

Secondly, what I want to say is that I would have to remove my other page – Legacy of flyknight2. Due to high expectation of boredness and my weak grammar, I made this decision and that page will be removed on the first of November. I would replace it with some article typings instead :). It would be a much easier job.

By the day the exam ends, it’s already Justice xD.

Another thing, there is a minor patch today. It’s mainly about fixing Cygnus Expedition and the Halloween Quest Bug. I don’t really think it’s a minor patch. I can’t Auto Patch nor Manual Patch it >.<. There is something wrong with the downloading system I think. I just hope I can get back into the game faster.

I guess that is it for now, I will update the Justice notes when they are released. Wish me luck until then 🙂

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Small part of memories

October 20, 2012 Leave a comment

I miss the good old days.
I go to my Youtube and searched for my old videos. Today, I will be sharing those memories against Papulatus.

Big Bang Era

Level 147. Man! That was way back.

No stance, no Magnet, Enrage was less than level 10. 1 Intrepid Slash with only around 30k. Was so weak back then.
Chaos Era

Improved to level 164. It was a year ago.

Not much of improvement, increased level on Stance and max level of Enrage. It’s a great start.


Jump Era

Not Available.


Legends Era

Before the release of Demon Slayer. I went challenging myself again.

Was not bad, can defeat in a few minutes. Still, when compared to….


Revamps Era

2 months ago. Reached level 200. Feel like very powerful now.

When I was watching back these video, I was like: “I was so noob back then >.<”

I am improving all the time and I noticed the small change by each update. Each of them improves me to be better.



Coming soon =D


Well, the moral of the story is: One can improve as long he or she tries to improve himself or herself.

So yea, this is fly. The one that remains normal all the time.

I wonder, what will happen in the future? Better? worse?

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My plannings for the month October

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s time to plan out my October scheduele. Why would I do this? This is because in October, my time will be limited to be spent in the game due to exams.

It is not a very important exam, but all exams are very important to me.

Notice the timetable above, (you may not understand this because it is in Bahasa Malaysia).

It’s the final year exam, it starts from October 5 (next Friday from today), until the end of October. You may see that there are few gaps until the next paper.

EG: From Physics Kertas 1, Kertas 2 (23 October) to Physics Kertas 3, Chemistry Kertas 3 (29 October).

It is a quite huge gap between them BUT! There are a lot of topics to study, lots to remember and have to master them.

fly’s plan

My time is widely limited to be spent in the game. Hence, I’ve made a plan.

  • I will reduce bossing for the entire month.

Bossing wastes a lot of time and it doesn’t give me much rewards as well. If possible, I will only go bosses on weekends if the paper on the following day is easy (EG: Before Additional Mathematics). If the paper is hard for me (mostly at the end of the month), I will REJECT all boss runs until the paper is finished.

  • Sticking to daily activities.

My daily activities are as follow:

  1. PvP
  2. Endless Tower
  3. Protect Merlion

These activites are important because they can increase my assets (Gallant Emblems, MaplePoints) for important uses.

I calculated that these 3 activites will burn me nearly 2 hours daily (50 minutes PvP, 20 minutes Endless Tower, Estimated 30 minutes Protect Merlion).

If I don’t have the time to control, I have no choice but to leave them for some days (EG: 5-11 October).

  • No typing articles

My “novel” will be updated after my exams. I apologize for that but it’s the best for me. I do want also to finish up the story but my exams have prevent me to do so.

Don’t worry, after the exams, I will have 2 months time to play, continue the next chapter, and try PHANTOM!!

I hope you will still support me.

I will be back 🙂

That is all for now, thanks for your kind understanding

flyknight2, September 26

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FinnixOrder Returns

September 21, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s time I bring back the order.

It is not a guild, but this time is an alliance. Formed by 3 guilds – ChaosBrother, BurningAce and Casanova. Before this, we were one alliance named “IntreMuayTB”. Lame name, I hate it, WE hate it.

That 6M I payed, was totally worth it.

We, FinnixOrder, will be better than my previous guild FinnixOrder. The order has more members in it but with the same leader -me, flyknight2.

Hopes and dreams can be achieved with us working together.

WE, cannot be separated.

WE, need each other.

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What I had been doing lately

August 21, 2012 Leave a comment

My blog has been dead for weeks and I decided to put up this post to make sure it’s not dead.

So seriously, what I had been doing lately? Reached level 200, I decide not to overpower myself as I don’t want to invest so much money into the game. But I will try my best to increase more power to take down more bosses.

My main priority now is to defeat Chaos Zakum.

Consider that a failure attempt.

My plan is go with the alliance’s top members. When we gather up, we can defeat normal Zakum in less than 10 minutes, Scarlion in around 3 minutes. I believe Chaos Zakum will not be a problem if they are brave enough >,<.

I tried to solo once, but 1 arm takes around 17 minutes to defeat. In normal Zakum, I take less than 17 minutes to defeat the whole body.

Conclusion: Chaos Zakum has a massively high amount of HP.

Oh, I started a Bishop. I don’t know why, my original planning is to sell door service and HS services. Come to think of it, I will do it next time. My Priest is a little bit overpowered because my cousin “borrowed” me some pro equipments :P. Sounds a little bit show off, but no. I will never be overpower.

I guess that is all for now. Lots of wishes, targets that I hope to achieve. Hope that I can fulfill it one day in the future.

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Dear diary – 28 July

July 28, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s almost been 2 weeks since I last blogged :P. I’m a little bit busy in my life, school works and also gaming stuff. Still, I will check on the blog sometimes.

Oh yea! Finally, after selling a Sharp Grand Pauldron (If you wonder what is it, it’s a level 130 shoulder that adds DEX) for only 500M!!! I bought a MW30 book which costs 480M. Luckily I passed! So excited.

Haha! The first time I’ve ever been into a HornTail Battle. Oh yea, lesson learnt, ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE PRO!!! Because I died second in the expedition :P. Gotta try again next week though.

If you expect me to record it, pray more okay? My computer is freaking weak even without recording. My controls got hang in the beginning due to latency issues. Luckily I managed to get pass it.

Lastly, I made this random video. I believe I can fly!! Enjoy it haha. Original productions.

That’s about it for today. Bye! 🙂

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