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Easy Arkarium Strategy (flyknight2’s version)

Easy Arkarium is 10 times more easier than Normal Arkarium. Putting Easy Arkarium to death is not much of a problem. Still, many does not know of the strategy to reduce or avoid death.

1. The Mobs

MAPLESTORY 2013-12-19 22-20-50-509Arkarium summons his mobs to heal him. Taking them out first if a great idea because they heals Arkarium every second. The more mobs he summons, the more HP he will heal. That means you’ll face a lot of problem to defeat him.

2. Damage Reflection (DR)


Damage reflection is casted randomly by Arkarium, it is one of the main cause of death. He either casts Cancel Weapon Attack, Cancel Magic Attack, or Damage Reflection. There is no specific timing for it so keep your eyes peeled to see when he casts Damage Reflection. Remember, his damage reflection has high damage.

Below are some guide to overcome damage reflection:

  • Hero, Dark Knight, Paladin: Use Magic Crash whenever the DR animation appears, this will prevent him from casting it.
  • Xenon: Using Easy’s System should help in doing some damage.
  • Demon Avenger: If you’re bored, just use Inhale Vatality to hit some “1” damage.
  • Phantom: Using Vol D’ Ame can steal his DR.
  • Kaiser: Whenever Kaiser’s Majesty/Final Form/Final Trance is used, just continue hitting.
  • Others: Just stop attacking.

3. Pain Enhancers


There are times when you saw this on top of your head. I’m not sure what it does but I can ensure it enhances the damage you receive. Not curing it can be trouble when caring your HP. Using All-Cure Potions will not do the trick. Only the potions dropped by the mobs summoned by Arkarium will do the trick. Pick one up, then say bye bye to the status.

4. Instant Death


Arkarium got 1 skill that will immediately kill everyone in the room. Some managed to avoid them but most do not. By doing the proper way and counting the proper time will do the trick.

Firstly, Bishops can protect themselves or others by using Holy Magic Shell or Heaven’s Door. While Phantom can survive once with Final Feint.

MAPLESTORY 2013-12-19 22-20-35-526

When fighting, always notice Arkarium’s HP bar. Because by hitting his HP to around 70-80% will make him trigger the first instant death. After he triggers the first instant death, he will use another and another at an interval of 1 minute 30 seconds (more or less).

MAPLESTORY 2013-12-19 22-23-24-937

As his HP drops to around 45-50%, it will trigger another instant death (regardless of the 1 minute 30 seconds) and initiate the “law-breaker”. Law-breaker simply means it breaks the law above. He changes the way he triggers it. Instead of 1 minute 30 seconds, he changes it to 1 minute.

MAPLESTORY 2013-12-19 22-28-32-504


Also, when his HP reaches around 30%, he will use another instant death (also regardless with the above laws). Then, he will said “you must be dangerous one… I am going to do my best for this fight”. As he said this, he will trigger another instant death after a few seconds. Then, every instant death goes back to 1 minute intervals. So if you died due to instant death with this situation appearing, do not respawn first, wait for it to use the second one instead so you can save your death count and EXP.

MAPLESTORY 2013-12-19 22-22-51-294

How to avoid you ask me. Well, there are also laws to this. First of all, Arkarium’s position is the key to success the trick. Notice the picture above, Arkarium’s max position from the right is that spot. If he goes any further to the left, it is hopeless for you to survive instant deaths. Note, pushing/pulling does not work on Arkarium.

Once that is done, just simply move to the left corner of the map once it uses the Instant Death skill. But this is not an easy task. The instant death has a very quick effect. Different classes have different mobility. The only way I can say is you must have practice to know when to start running to the left. Because Phantom is the only one fast enough to run away. Other classes all will face problems with running.


I guess that is all I can say. Good luck and enjoy bossing!

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