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Happy New Year 2013 – A new beginning: The end

11 days ago we survived the apocalypse! YAY!!

The year 2012 ended really fast, don’t you think so? I could just surf back my videos throughout the year and see how I did in the year.

This year will be a busy year for me, I have to care for my academic studies, piano lessons and exams, religious activities and others. As a planning, I decided to stop updating this blog page. I have some few reasons to support my decision.

  • My posts are mostly copied

Yes, if you notice carefully my post for Justice updates, you can find out that I copied the update notes from other blogs like shakar or orangemushroom.

I don’t feel like copy others’ anymore. Instead of copy from them, why don’t ask my readers to read theirs? It might work for most of us, consider that MapleSEA updates are copied from KMS and GMS.

  • Time

In my previous Justice posts, I spent days copying them. This takes much of my time which I can use those time to do other things like hanging out with my friends.

I know that KMS posts take hours, but they have that time to update their posts. But not me, and the best thing is not to compare myself to them.

It’s not the end of my blogging

For most of you don’t know, I have another blog page. You can access it below:


For now there is only Mandarin posts, I will type them when I feel like it. Some of my time is invested at that page.

I will continue blogging, except that it’s not related to Maplestory updates.

What about Facebook?

flyknight2’s official page will not be closed, it will be up and running as usual. I might share some pictures too.

fly, are you quitting?

This question doesn’t have an answer yet. For now I will continue with the game but will be less active due to insufficient time.

When I cannot cope with my studies, I will quit temporary. I might be quitting permanently on 2014 where college starts.


Youtube page will not be shut down as well, I know there are no videos uploaded recently because there is NOTHING I can record.

I will remain semi-active on Youtube because making videos consumes lot of time.

Final words

I, flyknight2, wishes all my friends, family and fans, not forgetting my fellow readers a Happy New Year: 2013. May this year be a great year for you, accomplish new things, Happy Mapling as usual and you might hear from me next time. 🙂

Once again, thanks for supporting me. Hope you all will continue supporting me.


Happy New Year!!!

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