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MapleSEA Justice – Liberation of Azwan



Azwan is an ancient underground city beneath the Nihal Desert. It was recently rediscovered by the Cygnus Knights, following the attempt by its leader, Hilla, to usurp Empress Cygnus’ throne.

Hundreds of years ago, Azwan was a beautiful and thriving metropolis. The beautiful and powerful Hilla, who was a chief sharmaness, craved more power. In exchange for eternal power, youth and beauty, she betrayed her city to become a commander under Black Mage.

She took control of Azwan and used necromancy to revive its dead population as minions in her army. She lined the city with giant, magical totems to recapture the souls of her fallen forces so they could returnagain.

The obelisk that serves as the entrance to Azwan has recently reappeared in the desert and has come under investigation by the Cygnus Knights. Brave adventurers can join the fight, leading forces from Ereve in their battle to defeat Hilla’s army and free the enslaved souls of the citizens of Azwan.


  1. Be level 40 or higher.
  2. Move to Azwan lobby via Mirror of Dimension.

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There are four tiers of battle

  • Level 40-79
  • Level 80-119
  • Level 120-159
  • Level 160-200

Game modes

There are 4 game modes:

  1. Attack
  2. Occupy
  3. Defend
  4. Supply

General similaraties (Besides Supply mode)

  • They all have 4 difficulties – Easy, Normal, Hard, Hell.
  • Cygnus monster minions will spawn to help.
  • Higher difficulty levels feature more powerful monsters in greater numbers, but more Honor EXP and Azwan coins are earned if victorious.
  • The strength and number of monsters faced in solo mode will be lower than in party mode.
  • The Maximum number of players allowed: Six players.

Occupy and Attack mode

How to play?

  1. Stop enemies from progressing left.
  2. Destroy the Guardian Tower on the right to win.
  • If enemies reach the left side, the Guardian Tower will recover HP.

The Guardian Tower (Right)

The Guardian Tower uses two powerful beam attacks that will deal damage without regard for any avoidability or invulnerabilities that you might have. Use Cygnus Minions as tanker.

The Owl Tower (Centre)

The Owl Tower drops rocks and deals massive damage. These rocks deal damage without regard for any avoidability or invulnerabilities that you might have. Take cover by trying to take cover while they hover in the air for a moment before dropping.

When in Hard or Hell Mode

Hilla’s Altar will appear in Hard and Hell modes to increase the challenge.

There are some differences between the Occupy mode altars and the Attack mode altars:

  • Altars in Occupy mode have a wider attack range than those in Attack mode.
  • Altars in Attack mode have an additional skill that recovers the Guardian Tower’s HP.

Defend Mode

This mode focuses on a tower defence strategy. Prevent the Cygnus Faith Stone from being destroyed to win.

There are two strategies to win:

  • Smash all of the ballistae.

  • Protect the Cygnus Faith Stone until time runs out.

Supply Mode

This area functions much like a normal hunting mini dungeon. There is no difficulty option for this mode.

You can accept the quest between 2p.m. to 8p.m..

How to play?

Monsters will drop Azwan Supply Boxes. Collect 100 boxes and use the portal within the map to visit Longorias to complete the quest. This is a repeatable quest on a daily basis.

Overall gameplay


Coins and Shops

Collect up to 150 coins per day by participating in the various modes. Pick up your coins from NPC Woodwan in the Azwan Refuge Zone. The coins are used to trade items from the Azwan shop.

There are two types of coins:

  • Conqueror’s Coins
    How to obtain it?

    1. Clearing modes in all difficulties.
    2. Trade nine coins with one Emperor’s Coin through NPC Popodom in the Azwan Refuge Zone.
  • Emperor’s Coins
    How to obtain?

    1. Clearing modes in Hard and Hell difficulties.
    2. Trade one Emperor’s Coin with 11 Conqueror’s Coins through NPC Popodom.

Honor EXP

Can be earned by winning battles between 2.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m..

Inner Ability

  • Inner Abilities unlock as you raise your Honor level. You gain one Inner Ability at Honor Lv.2, a second at Honor Lv.30, and a third at Honor Lv.70.
  • Inner Abilities are similar to the Potential System but it is applied directly to your character instead of your equipment.
  • A Circulator can be used to reset all Inner Abilities. You’ll get better results from using higher ranking Circulators.
  • For every 10 Honor levels reached, you can obtain a higher ranking Circulator from the Azwan merchants.
  • You can view your Honor level, Honor EXP, and Inner Abilities in the character stats menu.
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