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MapleSEA Justice: Mysterious Thief Phantom

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Phantom was famous among the wealthy merchants and noblemen. He deliberately left traces after each steal but even then, people did not know who he was so they called him the “Phantom”.

Phantom was honored throughout Maple World. However, the death of Aria(the Empress before Cygnus), forced him to join the Heroes to seek revenge on the Black Mage. He had fallen in love with Aria while attempting to steal the great treasure of Ereve.

He sought out one of the heroes, Freud, for an invitation to join and was accepted to be one of the Heroes to fight against the Black Mage.

After a fierce battle, Phantom, together with the other four heroes, sealed away the Black Mage and saved Maple World. However, due to the curse inflicted by the Black Mage, all the Heroes, except Freud who died in the battle, were trapped in ice and went into a deep slumber.

A hundred years later, Phantom woke up from the curse. He infiltrated Ereve, where a meeting was in progress. Hilla, a commander of the Black Wings, posed as an Empress by presenting a Skaia (a jewel said to glow in the hands of the Empress) that glowed in her hands but did not glow in Cygnus’s.

^ Hilla comes in

Luckily, Phantom came to the rescue. He declared the Skaia held by Hilla a fake and destroyed it, saying that he had the real Skaia. That prompted Hilla to back off and flee from Ereve, but not before she told him that Maple World was already in “his” (the Black Mage) hands. Phantom then gave Cygnus the real Skaia and returned to Crystal Garden.



  • Phantom (Beginner)
To The Skies Returns to Phantom’s airship, Lumiere. 1
Dexterous Training Phantom carries phenomenal insight and dexterity that allow him to wield a variety of weapons. 1
Shroud Walk Swathes you in a curtain of cards to teleport long distances. 1
Phantom Instinct Uses phenomenal insight to locate an enemy’s critical weakness. 1
Skill Swipe Steals the skills of Explorer characters nearby. Select skills cannot be stolen. 1
Loadout Allows you to manage skills stolen from other Explorer characters. Use this skill to throw away stolen skills or call them up with Impeccable Memory. 1
Judgment Draw Uses up your entire stack of cards to pull out one card and grant additional effects to that card’s attack. Can only been used when your deck is full. 1
  • Phantom (I)
Double Entendre Quickly strikes an enemy twice. 20
Impeccable Memory I Lets you use 1st job skills stolen from Explorers.
Passive effects from skills will not work.
Equip stolen skills using Loadout.
Phantom Swiftness Permanently increases Movement Speed, Max Movement Speed, and Jump. Increasing the Skill Level will increase Jump distance. Can also be used with jump key. 15
Feather Foot Permanently increases Avoidability. 10
  • Phantom (II)
Calling Card Launches enchanted cards at enemies. 20
Impeccable Memory II Lets you use 2nd job skills stolen from Explorers.
Passive effects from skills will not work.
Equip stolen skills using Loadout.
Mille Cartes Launches a torrent of cards that knocks back enemies. 20
Carte Blanche Each critical attack has a chance to produce a card that attacks nearby enemy automatically. This card is added to your deck. 10
Cane Mastery Increases the weapon mastery and Accuracy of canes. 20
Cane Booster Uses MP to temporarily increase the attack speed of your canes by 2 levels.
Required Skill: Cane Mastery Lv. 5
Devil’s Luck Permanently increases LUK. 10
  • Phantom (III)
Blason Marks enemies with Phantom’s coat of arms before slicing them to bits. 20
Impeccable Memory III Lets you use 3rd job skills stolen from Explorers.
Passive effects from skills will not work.
Equip stolen skills using Loadout.
Final Feint Using this skill will increase your preparedness for all enemy attacks, reviving you instantly with some HP if you reach KO status. This skill increases also increases LUK permanently. 20
Bad Luck Ward Casts a sigil to ward off bad luck. Increases HP, MP, Elemental Resistance, and Abnormal Status Resistance 20
Mist Mask Permanently increases Avoidability chance. 20
Claire de Lune Enjoys the cool evening moonlight to increase Attack and Accuracy. 20
Rapier Wit Forms a giant sword with cards, then charges and performs multiple attacks.
Link with Carte Mille to reduce post-attack downtime. Permanently increases Carte Mille’s damage.
Piercing Vision Permanently increases Critical Rate. 20
  • Phantom (IV)
Mille Aiguilles Fly into a stabbing frenzy, jabbing your enemies with blinding speed. This attack can be executed repeatedly and you can move while attacking. 30
Impeccable Memory IV Lets you use 4th job skills stolen from Explorers.
Passive effects from skills will not work.
Equip stolen skills using Loadout.
Carte Noire Each critical attack has a chance to produce a card that attacks nearby enemy automatically. This card is added to your deck.
Also permanently increases Avoidability chance.
Penombre Leaps back and throws a powerful card attack. Link with Rapier Wit to reduce post-attack downtime. Permanently increases Rapier Wit’s damage. 20
Priere D’Aria Powerful memories of Aria significantly increase Attack and allow you to ignore some enemy DEF. 30
Tempest Creates an expanding tornado of cards to blast through enemies. 30
Cane Expert Increases Cane Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage. Required Skill: Cane Mastery Lv. 20 30
Vol D’Ame Steals buffs from nearby monsters. If you steal more than one buff, the most powerful will be applied. This skill only works of monsters have been buffed. 20
Maple Warrior Increases the stats of all party members. 30
Hero’s Will By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. 5

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Short guide to Zen: 4th Job Advancement

November 7, 2012 14 comments

Here is a short guide to Zen’s 4th job advancement:

  • Once you reach level 120, you will receive a quest for Aide. Accept that quest and head to the Nautilus. Then, find and talk to Aide.
  • Aide will tell you to go to Magatia to get 2 Weird Clue from Homunscullo, loot the green powder it drops. It is the item you will need. Once you collected everything, head back to Nautilus and find Aide.
  • Next, you will be told to head to Mu Lung to find 10 Memory Clues. Get them from Sage Cat, loot the purple powder it drops. Find Aide again when you’re done.
  • After that, Aide will ask you to go to Leafre to find 10 Imporant Clues. You can hunt them from Black Kentaurus. The drop rates are quite low for this one. The quest item is white powder. Return to Nautilus and talk to Aide when you’re finish collecting them.
  • This time, Aide needs you to go to Mu Lung again. But this time she give you an item, use this at the map Entrance to Sky Forest (First map at the left of Mu Lung, map filled with Chipmunks). Then, you will be teleported to another map with a boss in it. Kill it and return to Nautilus.

There will be a short storyline here, just continue talking and you will be advanced to 4th job.

It’s a great idea to plan your journey 🙂

Good luck!