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Justice – Beginning of the Retaliation (System Updates)

MapleSEA gave quite a low number of information. So finding the correct info will be hard. My best choice is copy from GMS.

Oh, the character creation part is changed.

New System

Character Card System

The Character Card System allows players who have a minimum Level 30 character in their Maple ID, to generate a Character Card.

One character in the Maple ID can obtain 1 x character card. If a player has 3 characters in their Maple ID, they can generate 3 x character cards.

Each Character Card has a Rank. The Cards with higher Ranks will have better effects.

Level Lv.30-69 Lv.70-119 Lv.120-199 Lv.200
Grade B A S SS

Note: Cygnus Knights can only obtain up to Rank A only. Even if they are level 120.

Class Card Option (Properties)
Explorer Warrior Hero Weapon DEF +2/3/4/5%
Paladin Weapon ATT +0.5/1/1.5/2 per character level
Dark Knight Max HP +2/3/4/5%
Magician Fire/Poison Max MP +2/3/4/5%
Ice/Lightning M. ATT +0.5/1/1.5/2 per character level
Bishop MP Potion Effect +5/10/15/20%
Bowman Bow Master Accuracy +2/4/6/8%
Crossbow Master Crit chance +1/2/3/4%
Thief Night Lord Jump +2/3/4/5%
Shadower Movement Speed +2/3/4/5%
Blade Master Avoidability +2/3/4/5%
Pirate Viper Bonus damage +2/3/4/5 per character level
Captain Summon duration +4/6/8/10%
Cannon Shooter Death EXP loss -2/3/4/5%
ZEN Minimum Critical Damage incease by 1/2/3/4%
Resistance Warrior Demon Slayer Abnormal Status Resistance +1/2/3/4%
Magician Battle Mage Damage when hit -2/3/4/5%
Bowman Wild Hunter 0.5/1/1.5/2% chance to instant kill (bosses excluded)
Pirate Mechanic Buff duration +5/10/15/20%
Hero Warrior Aran 70% chance to restore 2/4/6/8% of max HP on successful hit
Magician Evan 70% chance to restore 2/4/6/8% of max MP on successful hit
Bowman Mercedes Skill cooldown -2/3/4/5%
Thief Phantom Meso acquisition +1/2/3/4%
Cygnus Knights Warrior Soul Master Weapon DEF +2/3%t
Magician Flame Wizard +0.5/1 skill M. ATT per character level
Bowman Wind Breaker Accuracy +2/4%
Thief Night Walker Avoidability +2/3%
Pirate Striker Bonus damage per character level
Deck Name Activation Condition Bonus Effect
Powerful Charge 3 Warrior Cards 4/6/8/10% of Max HP bonus damage
Magical Storm 3 Magician Cards 4/6/8/10% of Max MP bonus damage
Pinpoint Aim 3 Bowman Cards Final Attack type damage +1/2/3/4%
Weak Point Targeting 3 Thief Cards Max critical damage +1/2/3/4%
Pirate’s Way 3 Pirate Cards Ignore 2/4/6/8% DEF
Free Spirit 3 Explorer Cards ALL STAT 2/5/7/10
Honour of Cygnus 3 Cygnus Cards ALL STAT 2/5
The Glorious Return 3 Hero Cards ALL STAT 2/5/7/10
Blaze of Resistance 3 Resistance Cards ALL STAT 2/5/7/10
Warrior’s First Step 3 Rank B Cards HP 300, MP 300
Warrior’s Growth 3 Rank A Cards +500 HP, 500 MP, 1 ATT, 1 M. ATT
Warrior’s Feat 3 Rank S Cards + 700 HP, 700 MP, 3 ATT, 3 M. ATT, Boss ATT 3%
Completed Warrior 3 Rank SS Cards + 1000 HP, 1000 MP, 5 ATT, 5 M. ATT, Boss ATT 5%

3 SS Ranked cards? I wonder who can get it.

Part Time Job

Players can assign up to three characters to do up to five part-time jobs in the Part-Time Job System and receive rewards after a period of time.

The minimum level requirement for the Part-Time Job is Level 30.

Players can select the characters to activate the Part-Time Job System via the Character Selection Screen. A menu will be opened upon clicking the Part-Time Job button in the upper right area of the screen.

There are five types of part time jobs. Up to three characters per world can be assigned to different part time jobs. Part-Time Job rewards are different for each type. Rewards are given by NPC Ms. Appropriation who is located in most towns.

Characters that are doing a Part-Time Job cannot be logged in.

Part Time Job Rewards
Rest Various helpful combat buffs
Bonus EXP gain buff (by chance)
Herbalism Character that learned Herbalism
Rare recipe can be obtained (by chance)
Better rewards when collecting herbs
Mining Better mining reward for character that learned Mining
Rare equipment (By chance)
Accessory Crafting recipe (By chance)
General Store Recovery items obtained
Scroll (By chance)
Weapon / Armor Store Drop chance increase
Equipment (By Chance)

Recipes? Just awesome!

Navigation System

Click a map icon on the world map, then click “Enable Navigation.” An arrow directing you where to go will appear next to your character until you reach your chosen destination.

The Navigation feature is not provided for special maps such as event maps, hidden streets, and certain other maps that have restrictions.

Level-up Guide

This new menu recommends quests, hunting grounds, and other content based on your level. Very functional as Party Quests and Monster Park undergo revamp.

System Changes

PvP System

Sadly this has to be removed for revamping. Don’t worry, it will come back in the future. Just have to be patient with it.

Boss Expeditions

  • Normal Zakum
  • Normal Horntail
  • Von Leon

These expeditions have been changed so that more than 1 expedition can enter at a time.

Finally, saves lots of time and Horntail doesn’t need any timeslots anymore :D.

Party Quests

Party Quests recommended for below level 70 have been changed. Now only level 50+ can participate Party Quests.

  • Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake (Lv.50 or above)
  • First Time Together (Lv.50 or above)
  • Dimensional Schism (Lv.50 or above)
  • The Ice Knight’s Curse (Lv.50 or above)

Same goes to Ghost Ship of Fog -> (Lv.120 – 159)

Monster Park

  • The minimum level has been increased.
  • The mobs’ HP has been decreased. Easier to defeat now.
  • You can only enter 5 times a day.

Tickets drop have been changed:

  • Zebra Stripe Ticket Piece: Lv.50 – 94
  • Leopard Stripe Ticket Piece: Lv.125 – 159
  • Tiger Stripe Ticket Piece: Lv.160 and higher

There is a change in dungeon level:

1. <Zebra Stripe Ticket>

  • Temple of Darkness (Lv.60 – 69)
  • Witch Snowfield (Lv.70 – 79)
  • Silent Sea (Lv.75 – 84)
  • Black Mountain Hill (Lv.80 – 89)
  • Gray’s Hideout (Lv.85 – 94)

2. <Leopard Stripe Ticket>

  • Auto Security Area (Lv.135 – 144)
  • Mossy Tree Forest (Lv.140 – 149)
  • Sky Forest Training Center (Lv.145 – 154)
  • Forbidden Time (Lv.150 – 159)
  • Ruined City (Lv.155 – 164)

3. <Zebra Stripe Ticket>

  • Dead Tree Forest (Lv.160 – 169)
  • Watchman’s Tower (Lv.165 – 174)
  • Dragon Nest (Lv.170 – 179)
  • Temple of Oblivion (Lv.175 – 184)
  • Knight Stronghold (Lv.180 – 200)

^ Level 180 -200? I wonder how many misses are there 😛

Mobs changes

1. Victorian Dungeon -> Level has been decreased.

  • Lv.43 Copper Drake
  • Lv.44 Drake
  • Lv.45 Red Drake
  • Lv.46 Ice Drake
  • Lv.47 Dark Drake
  • Lv.48 Wild Kargo
  • Lv.49 Tauromacis
  • Lv.50 Taurospear
  • Lv.52 Jr. Balrog

2. Orbis -> Level has been increased.

  • Lv.49 Jr. Cellion
  • Lv.49 Jr. Lioner
  • Lv.49 Jr. Grupin
  • Lv.50 Star Pixie
  • Lv.52 Lunar Pixie
  • Lv.54 Luster Pixie
  • Lv.51 Nependeath
  • Lv.53 Dark Nependeath
  • Lv.55 Cellion
  • Lv.55 Lioner
  • Lv.55 Grupin
  • Lv.56 Jr. Lucida
  • Lv.58 Lucida

3. Ludibrum (Excluding below clocktower) -> Level has been increased.

  • Lv.63 Brown Teddy
  • Lv.64 Pink Teddy
  • Lv.65 Panda Teddy
  • Lv.66 Roloduck
  • Lv.67 Toy Trojan
  • Lv.68 Robo
  • Lv.69 Master Robo
  • Lv.70 Tick
  • Lv.71 Tick-Tock
  • Lv.53 Ratz
  • Lv.54 Black Ratz
  • Lv.55 Trixter
  • Lv.56 Green Trixter
  • Lv.57 Chirpy
  • Lv.57 Tweeter
  • Lv.58 Drumming Bunny
  • Lv.60 Bloctopus
  • Lv.62 Helly
  • Lv.63 Propelly
  • Lv.64 Planey
  • Lv.65 King Bloctopus
  • Lv.67 Block Golem
  • Lv.69 King Block Golem
  • Lv.53 Retz

4. Omega Sector – Level has been increased.

  • Lv.73 Mateon
  • Lv.74 Plateon
  • Lv.75 Mecateon
  • Lv.76 MT-09
  • Lv.77 Barnard Gray
  • Lv.78 Zeta Gray
  • Lv.79 Ultra Gray
  • Lv.80 Chief Gray
  • Lv.82 Zeno

Other small changes

  1. The default attack speed has been increased.
  2. The character select menu has been updated so you can now see up to eight of your characters in a world in one page.
  3. Breakable/hittable reactors can now be hit with skills in addition to normal attacks.
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