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My plannings for the month October

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s time to plan out my October scheduele. Why would I do this? This is because in October, my time will be limited to be spent in the game due to exams.

It is not a very important exam, but all exams are very important to me.

Notice the timetable above, (you may not understand this because it is in Bahasa Malaysia).

It’s the final year exam, it starts from October 5 (next Friday from today), until the end of October. You may see that there are few gaps until the next paper.

EG: From Physics Kertas 1, Kertas 2 (23 October) to Physics Kertas 3, Chemistry Kertas 3 (29 October).

It is a quite huge gap between them BUT! There are a lot of topics to study, lots to remember and have to master them.

fly’s plan

My time is widely limited to be spent in the game. Hence, I’ve made a plan.

  • I will reduce bossing for the entire month.

Bossing wastes a lot of time and it doesn’t give me much rewards as well. If possible, I will only go bosses on weekends if the paper on the following day is easy (EG: Before Additional Mathematics). If the paper is hard for me (mostly at the end of the month), I will REJECT all boss runs until the paper is finished.

  • Sticking to daily activities.

My daily activities are as follow:

  1. PvP
  2. Endless Tower
  3. Protect Merlion

These activites are important because they can increase my assets (Gallant Emblems, MaplePoints) for important uses.

I calculated that these 3 activites will burn me nearly 2 hours daily (50 minutes PvP, 20 minutes Endless Tower, Estimated 30 minutes Protect Merlion).

If I don’t have the time to control, I have no choice but to leave them for some days (EG: 5-11 October).

  • No typing articles

My “novel” will be updated after my exams. I apologize for that but it’s the best for me. I do want also to finish up the story but my exams have prevent me to do so.

Don’t worry, after the exams, I will have 2 months time to play, continue the next chapter, and try PHANTOM!!

I hope you will still support me.

I will be back 🙂

That is all for now, thanks for your kind understanding

flyknight2, September 26

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FinnixOrder Returns

September 21, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s time I bring back the order.

It is not a guild, but this time is an alliance. Formed by 3 guilds – ChaosBrother, BurningAce and Casanova. Before this, we were one alliance named “IntreMuayTB”. Lame name, I hate it, WE hate it.

That 6M I payed, was totally worth it.

We, FinnixOrder, will be better than my previous guild FinnixOrder. The order has more members in it but with the same leader -me, flyknight2.

Hopes and dreams can be achieved with us working together.

WE, cannot be separated.

WE, need each other.

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Minor changes to Enchanted Forest

September 19, 2012 Leave a comment

After 2 weeks since the release of the Enchanted Forest update, some changes are added to it.

Increment of Roses


Follow the table above.

So basicly, all quests got more Roses compared to last time. Great! Easier to get those MaplePoints!!! 😀

Endless Tower and Protect Merlion also have their Roses increased.

Refer the pictures below:

Gonna love this a lot! ❤


MapleSEA Exclusive – The Enchanted Forest

September 5, 2012 Leave a comment
MapleSEA has a new exclusive content again! This time, it’s about ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!! WOOHOO!!! This is going to be interesting :P.
It all starts with Gaga.
(Comic by flyknight2)
You can enter Enchanted Forest via Mirror of Dimension.
What is this Rose thing? It’s an event point system which works just like Legends Award Coins and can only be obtained in the Enchanted Forest.
The trader for Rose is a new NPC called Bunny Merchant. He sells various items.
From the MapleSEA website, they claimed that we players can exchange for Maple Cash with these Rose. WOW!!! That’s AWEZUM!!!
35k Rose for 500 Cash. <Challenge Accepted!!!>
Protecting Merlion
For those who didn’t know, Merlion is a landmark, a symbol of Singapore (I don’t know so much about it since I’m from Malaysia :P).
The Caterpillar Boy will be the NPC guide for this.
Before you can go protect Merlion, you have to do 2 quests
You can direct go to protect Merlion without completing these 2 quests. They are only optional.
Note: You don’t have to do it in numerical order.
Help the Merlion 1:
Collect 100 Large Stonesimage and you’re done.
Help the Merlion 2:
Collect 100 Strong Powders image to complete the quest.
  • Note: Very low drops rates.
  • Rewards you with 500 Rose.
Poseidon Arriving
  • Can only participated once per day.
  • You can only go in SOLO.
  • There will be 20 waves of monsters (quite similar to Nett’s Pyramid).
  • Each wave gives 100 Rose.
  • The completion of 20 waves will give extra 500 Rose.


There will be buffs to use but it costs points! :O

image image image image image

Extra Info:

  1. Open your minimap, it helps to locate the mobs.
  2. The difficulty doesn’t increase by waves, but wave #20 is totally insane.
  3. There will be a variety of monsters. I list them by their amount of HP: Blue Mushmom, Oberon, Boogie, Eliza, Scarlion, Targa, Captain Latanica, Cyclops. (I think that is all)
  4. The mobs cannot hit you but 1 hit to the statue = game over.

Special stuff: Wave 20

When you cleared everything in wave 20, this boss will appear. It has MASSIVE amount of HP and I guess it is level 200.

I’m threaten by the disconnection issues so there’s no way I can defeat it >.<

Good luck y’all!

Endless Tower

The quest begins with NPC Magic Hat.


Oh, so Magic Hat is a cat huh? I got the comic wrong :P.

Anyways, it will teleport you to a special map which looks like Orbis Tower.


  • Time limit: 20 minutes

Requirement to clear: Kill all monsters in the map. Each of them gives 4 Rose.


  1. Your best record will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Unlimited entries per day but retrieving of the Rose can only be done once per day.
  3. The difficulty (monster level) increases by floor. The higher you go, the harder it is.


The King of Rock Scissors Paper

Bunny Merchant Magic Hat in the Enchanted Forest is challenging people in a game of Rock Scissors Paper just like Gaga used to do it during Legends era.

The rules are same as always: Get two out of three wins




  1. You can only participate once per day. This means if you lose, you have to wait another day >.<
  2. Winning rewards you 1000 Rose.

The Hat

Magic Hat often forget his hat and asks everyone to find it. (Lame story)


You will receive this a Water of Hope image. Keep it in your inventory for 30 minutes and it will transform into a Shiny Crystal image.

This video might help.

GM Event: Flip the Coin

Since the Miwok Boys event is over, it is replaced with this. You will receive a letter based on your world and time.

You will be transported to Flip the Coin event map. (Shown Above)

Instructions (Based on the website, I also don’t know what it means):

  •  There will be 10 rounds of flipping coins per play.
  • You need to choose and stand either Magic Hat platform with the Blue Flag or The Caterpillar Boy platform with the Red Flag at every round, if player did not stand in their desired side, it will not be registered and will be automatically kicked out of the event map.
  • If the NPC you have chosen shows on the coin tower, you will get a chance to play the next round.
  • If you fail (the NPC you have chosen doesn’t show on Coin Tower), you will be automatically kicked out from the event map and re spawn in Enchanted Forest and receive the amount of Rose earned based on the rounds.
  • After the 10th round( if you safely can guess all 10 rounds), like as above you will be kicked out from the event map and be moved to Enchanted Forest and received the maximum amount of Rose earned which is 50,000 Rose!

Note: Latency issues is VERY HIGH!! I went in 1 time and cannot move a bit.

Bug Fixes

1. Amoria Wedding Village has been returned. This means NPC Hera won’t longer send you back to Henesys.


You will be transported to channel 3 when you go to Amoria.
2. Harp Seal Pet command has been fixed (Non of my business, I don’t own a pet :P)


3. Seal chair has returned with more effects and a SPECIAL effect with 5 chairs together.


4. Missing NPCs has returned. Finally! Get to use the mirror in Ludibrum.


5. Skill for Follow the Lead (pet system) is available for all pets.


6. Quick Move Function has been fixed.


7. Nett’s Pyramid Rewards has been fixed.


8. Pam’s Song will not work with Legendary Spirit Skill & Vega’s Spell.