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What I had been doing lately

August 21, 2012 Leave a comment

My blog has been dead for weeks and I decided to put up this post to make sure it’s not dead.

So seriously, what I had been doing lately? Reached level 200, I decide not to overpower myself as I don’t want to invest so much money into the game. But I will try my best to increase more power to take down more bosses.

My main priority now is to defeat Chaos Zakum.

Consider that a failure attempt.

My plan is go with the alliance’s top members. When we gather up, we can defeat normal Zakum in less than 10 minutes, Scarlion in around 3 minutes. I believe Chaos Zakum will not be a problem if they are brave enough >,<.

I tried to solo once, but 1 arm takes around 17 minutes to defeat. In normal Zakum, I take less than 17 minutes to defeat the whole body.

Conclusion: Chaos Zakum has a massively high amount of HP.

Oh, I started a Bishop. I don’t know why, my original planning is to sell door service and HS services. Come to think of it, I will do it next time. My Priest is a little bit overpowered because my cousin “borrowed” me some pro equipments :P. Sounds a little bit show off, but no. I will never be overpower.

I guess that is all for now. Lots of wishes, targets that I hope to achieve. Hope that I can fulfill it one day in the future.

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MapleSEA – Return of The Forces

August 4, 2012 Leave a comment

1 month after the Demon Slayer update. It’s time for the old ones to rise again!

MapleSEA changed the 3-part job revamp into one. So, every one got revamped!! Well, not for Thieves and Pirates.

Another thing is that the revamped classes showcase is available via MaplestorySEA’s Facebook page.

Job Revamps

1. Aran and Evan


Aran is back with more skills and power.


Great, now they can fly like Demon Slayers.

2. Resistance

Battle Mage

3 Auras used together. How awesome is that?

Wild Hunter


The Siege Mode can be toggled on or off. Awesomeness to the MAX!

3. Cygnus Knights


Common changes

1) Empress Blessing has a max level of 30 now!

2) Exclusive quests are added to get new skills.

Soul Master

Magic Crash added and it has a level 20 effect on level 1 (max)!!!

Flame Wizard

Teleport Mastery is added. Nothing special.

Night Walker

Time to reflect damages with Dark Flare!!

Wind Breaker

Improved damage? O.o


Test your luck with Roll of the Dice!

4. Adventurers


Soul Rush is added. Finally, get some improved speed.


New skill called Arcane Overdrive added. It increases Critical Rate and Minimum Critical Damage.


Strafe and Evasion Boost upgraded.

Thieves (UA)

<NOT REVAMPED> Only thing is added the Darkness Spirit.

Pirates (UA)

<NOT REVAMPED> Lightning is always in your hands. xD


Ellin Forest

Ellin Forest is now a theme dungeon with 2 new bosses which are Chow and Ephenia.


I’ll just take the Global trailer for this one.

You can get a ring from Ephenia.


Arkarium and Silent Crusade

The Silent Crusade quest line reveals the background story of Arkarium and the fight between the Heroes and the Black Mage.

Minimum requirement: Level 45.

“You can only enter the Mystic Gates 15 times per day”. What does this means?

Anyway, you get a new ring and a medal.


The final part: Encounter the mighty Arkarium!


Requirement: Level 120+, completed the Silent Crusade quests and Arkarium Chain Quests.

Expedition requirement: 6-18 people.

Arkarium drops this recipe for a pendant:

and it can be upgraded with this:
^ Success rate 70%, burst = fail. >.<


Nett’s Pyramid

Requirement: Level 60-109, Need a party of 4 and can only enter 5 times per day.


Complete the obstacles to get a shiny Emerald.

So, the pharoah loves the Emeralds so much that he is willing to trade you something for it.

The new Mu Lung Training Centre

Changed from level 25+ to level 90+ and can only participate 3 times per day.

There will be 4 modes – Easy/Normal/Hard/Ranking.

When you complete a round, you will receive a Mu Gong’s Emblem.

And you can trade a belt with it (7 days durability).


^Why you have expiration date T_T



Top 50 in the ranking will receive some more POWERFUL rewards.


They have a new type of Potential named as Special Item. Too bad that it expires after a day.

Extra updates

1) Ghost Ship Party Quest (A.K.A. GSPQ) changed for level 90-150 and has a limit (10 times per day).

2) Party Leaders cannot kick members when the PQ is in progress. Aw man, sometimes this is bad.

3) More Bullet Taxis are added. From El Nath, Ludibrum, Korean Folk Town, Omega Sector, you can go to Ellin Forest.

4) In FM, you have shortcut to shift between rooms now. You don’t have to suffer the latency issues.


5) An option for controlling the skill graphics has been added. Just like controlling the background.

6) Bosses in Monster Park has been revamped. For example: The Bergamot in Neo City only have 1 body.
7) Monster Carnival has been REMOVED!!!?!?? OMG!!! WHERE TO TRAIN AT LOW LEVELS!!!??
8) Theme Dungeons like Mushroom Kingdom, Kerning Square and Chryse has been revamped.
9) Lionheart Castle is revamped into a Theme Dungeon.


Too much updates: Class Revamps, Map Revamps, PQ revamps, New Expeditions. I can’t list it all out.