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Dear diary – 28 July

July 28, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s almost been 2 weeks since I last blogged :P. I’m a little bit busy in my life, school works and also gaming stuff. Still, I will check on the blog sometimes.

Oh yea! Finally, after selling a Sharp Grand Pauldron (If you wonder what is it, it’s a level 130 shoulder that adds DEX) for only 500M!!! I bought a MW30 book which costs 480M. Luckily I passed! So excited.

Haha! The first time I’ve ever been into a HornTail Battle. Oh yea, lesson learnt, ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE PRO!!! Because I died second in the expedition :P. Gotta try again next week though.

If you expect me to record it, pray more okay? My computer is freaking weak even without recording. My controls got hang in the beginning due to latency issues. Luckily I managed to get pass it.

Lastly, I made this random video. I believe I can fly!! Enjoy it haha. Original productions.

That’s about it for today. Bye! 🙂

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July 15, 2012. A day to remember

July 15, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ll just go straight into the main point.

7.25 p.m. – I accepted the “Protect the Fireworks Festival” quest and informed all buddies and alliance members. Went mining to burn 10 minutes away.

7.45 p.m. – 10 minutes left. Turned on Facebook (my page) and posted a status. I also informed all buddies and alliance members again. The location is FM cc17, room 21 (El Nath background).

7.55 p.m. – Delayed a little bit until the leveling happens. This is because I need to gather more people around.

8.00 p.m. – It’s official. Level 200! Not much of people congrats me but I’m satisfied. “Thanks everyone for the Mega and whisper. ❤ you always.” This is what I typed in my Megaphone.

After that, I rushed to have my dinner. My family rushed me. I had no choice.

Then, at night. I returned to unlock the Legendary Combat Medal and the Echo of Hero. It’s not hard, thanks to the Mirror of Dimension glitch. ^_^

My adventure has just begun….. A new era of my gaming begun.

After 3 years, first target -> ACHIEVED! =)

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[MapleSEA Exclusive] Von Leon Alliance 2012

July 10, 2012 1 comment

After so many years after MapleSEA released its first exclusive content (Singapore and Malaysia map), MapleSEA got another exclusive content. Unfortunately, this content is only an event. (Sad)

This exclusive content is Von Leon Alliance 2012. It’s a very simple event/quest for level 120+.

To participate, one have to collect a ticket via quest or Cash.

Via quest: Collect 100 Von Leon seals from all monsters and you can get a ticket. (Repeatable everyday)


Via Cash: Buy with 1,500 @cash. (Such a way to earn money >.<)


Once you have a ticket, you can enter via Mirror of Dimension to Von Leon Alliance 2012 option.

You need a party of 3 to enter. It’s best you change to CC1 before you enter the map because you cannot change channel once you entered.

Another criteria is: Only available from 8-10 p.m. (+8GMT)

Once the preparation is complete, talk to the NPC Recruitment Board to start the battle.

This quest is very simple, just kill the boss Cyclops at the map to clear. You have 10 minutes to kill it. Don’t worry, it usually take up to 2 minutes only.

It can summon mobs and it’s best no to kill them because they have extremely large amount of HP.

When you are finished, talk to Recruitment Board. It will transport you to another map. Then, talk to Recruitment Board again and it will give you random rewards. I don’t know how to list them all. From what I know, it gives random chairs, Fearless series Recipes, Personality Traits Potion and other stuff.

One of the best rewards are:

^MapleSEA Exclusive
One last thing, when you’re finished, you will be transported to Henesys. Be prepared for it.
To understand more about the quest progress, refer the video below.

MapleSEA V1.20 – Demon Slayer

July 4, 2012 Leave a comment

After 1 month, the Demon Slayer is here to start his revenge against the Black Mage!

The Demon Slayer Icon is released!

Just like Mercedes, you can choose to create your character as Male or Female.


One hundred years ago at the Temple of Time…..the story begins.

The Demon Slayer had served under the Black Mage for many years, and suddenly realizes he had became an absolute ruler and could no longer serve him.

He encounters his henchman, Mastema, and demands her who she serves. After she admits her loyalty to the Demon Slayer, he tells her to deliver a letter to the Heroes. Despite the concern, she agrees.

Earlier that day, there was a meeting between the Demon Slayer and the three other Black Wing Commanders: Orchid, Von Leon and Arkarium.


^From left: General Orca, Von Leon, Arkarium

During the meeting, they mentioned that the Black Mage demanded everything destroyed. This alarms the Demon Slayer, as his family was located near Leafre, one of the burning sites.

Demon Slayer rushes back to his hometown but he was too late. His house and family has been burnt down. All he found was a locket of his deceased mother and brother.

He went back to the Temple of Time to take revenge. Arkarium summoned his guards against Demon Slayer but they are too weak to handle.
After defeating the Summoned Guards, Demon Slayer went confront the Black Mage (This is where the video comes in). He failed and the Black Mage kept him into an egg.
One hundred years later….In Edelstein.
Demon Slayer met J after breaking free from the egg.
A meeting was held regarding Demon Slayer and Ferdi the Headmaster of the Council joined the meeting halfway and accepted Demon Slayer to be part of the Resistance.
Demon Slayer: Revenge. I love it! Watch out Black Mage, you asked for THIS!
1. Demon Slayer Basics
2. Demon Slayer (1)
3. Demon Slayer (2)
4. Demon Slayer (3)
5. Demon Slayer (4)
All the videos above are not mine. Credits to the uploader.
I will skip the events to save time on this post. If you want me to post events, just inform me and I will satisfy you next time. 🙂
That’s it for now.


New Month July, June Analysis, Welcoming the Demon Slayer

July 1, 2012 Leave a comment

After a month after the release of Mercedes, it’s already July! I believe most people enjoyed their 2X EXP sessions throughout June. I do also but I not even level 200. Probably some distraction from friends, family, connection, computer. Oh well, gaming for most people is “lifeless”.

For now, I have reached level 198, which means I have 2 more level to go!!! My target is reach level 200 before the end of the month July but I hope Demon Slayer wouldn’t delay me much.

My Profession table? Well, it’s huge right now. I’m aiming ambition to reach level 100 by this week :D. Haven’t train Insight lately because I can’t find the time to go mining.

Le Agares Set

1. Agares Bloody Gear

The best equipment that one normal player can get. I used all 70% Legends Scroll and it all came out passed. The 1 star enhancement gives only 2 DEX which is kinda useless. I love the potential.

Maths tell me that this hat gives me 66 STR. That’s kinda high.

2. Agares Bloody Mail

EPIC FAIL item NO.1. Still in the middle of improvement. The potential stats are weak and useless.

3. Agares Bloody Cape

EPIC FAIL item NO.2. I failed 2 slots on this one. The scroll used were one 40% Legends Scroll and 4 70% Legends Scroll. The 40% scroll passed but 2/4 70% failed. Screw this…… (=.=). Also the potential stats SUCKS!!!

4. Agares Bloody Terror

It’s kinda fine with this one. First star makes it 131wa and second star +3 more WA in it to become 134. The potential stats are ok, at least better than Epic Fails.

5. Agares Bloody Gauntlets

The WORST among the Agares Set. Fail 2 GFA60% and passed 2. I cannot replace my Blue Korben (6WA 3% STR) with this one.

6. Agares Bloody Boots

(Forgot a screenshot, will get it soon)

The third best equipment after the Agares Bloody Terror. It gives 16 STR which is kinda awesome but sadly I failed one 70% Legends scroll in it. The potential stats are useless.


Welcoming the Demon Slayer

July 1st, which means there is still 3 more days until the release of Demon Slayer. No info are released yet but in the meantime watch the original video. Nothing else to say except: I CAN’T WAIT!!!!


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