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My day at the celebration of 7th Anniversary

June 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I apologize for updating this post after the event ended 2 days ago. I cannot get the time to update because I’m too busy in the game and also making some videos.


First of all, the event was held at Times Square (KL) on 17 June 2012 (Sunday). The location is Friendster iCafe at the 9th floor. 9TH FLOOR??!! It’s really really high, I tell you this. You definetely cannot find any shopping malls this high.

I reached before 1p.m.. The queue was long. Let me show you how long it was.

*Black Line indicates the queue

Luckily it doesn’t take long (from what I remember), about 40 minutes? Then, got myself 40k @cash. With purchase above RM80, I received a goodie bag with Calender in it and also a plushie toy.

I like the Legends cash card and also the calender. They look awesome. As for the plushie, IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!! XD

Gaming time

After having lunch and queued up, me (and my friend) finally got the chance to play the mini-games.

The objective of the games are get lots of “mesos” and trade for some collectible item or redemption coupon.

  • Coco Island Quest

All the characters used in this minigame are level 200 Beginners with 99,999 HP. Their damage sucks a lot. That’s the whole point.

The objective of the game is collect 5 coconuts within 1 minute 30 seconds. Once you suceed, you get 1 meso.

This is like the easiest game of all, just walk around, hit the coconuts on the tree and you’re done.

  • Henesys Jump Quest

“Does Henesys even have a jump quest?” My friend and I asked each other.

The answer is “YES” but where is it? Simple answer, it is the pet walkway in Henesys park.

This is really hard because we have to complete the whole jump quest (from bottom to the top) within one and a half minute to win 2 mesos. Failure gives 1.

  • Spectacular Memory Challenge

This is the most challenging ever. You can play this at the MapleSEA website and it is not simple unless you are a total memorising freak. I failed all.

This challenge also must be finished within 1.5 minutes (1 minute 30 seconds).

The difficulty is hard, try it yourself. The link is below.


  • Ludibrum Jump Quest

Another question by us was “are there really a Ludibrum Jump Quest?” The answer is yes also.

This is much more easier than Henesys Jump Quest. This is also the pet walkway except that it is in Ludibrum.

Complete within 1.5 minutes to earn 4 mesos.

  • Speedy Card Game

Challenge the person beside you in a game of cards. Winner get 5 mesos while the loser get 1 meso only.

Somehow, my friend and I sorta “cheated” by getting tie in the game. This gives the both of us 5 mesos. LOL!


For more explanation, refer the video below. It takes hours in the making. I hope you like it.


Demon Slayer Test

There are a few computers that has a Demon Slayer character logged in. It is level 200 and have 99,999 HP also.

Testing the Demon Slayer is awesome! But the controls are just too much. Have to learn slowly when it releases in the game “legitly”

Lucky draw session

Before even the lucky draw begins, that guy (at the right) asks some question about Maplestory contents. A Dual Blade notebook will be given out with the correct answer.

I got this from the question: “In the Gate to the Future, who is the Chief of Henesys”. I raised my hand way faster than an Intrepid Slash starts and answered: “Alex”. There, I got it!

I didn’t win anything from the lucky draw anyways. But got one lucky guy gets the iPad from the lucky draw. It’s all about LUCK.

I will miss this day. This is the first time I’ve attemped a succesful Maplestory REAL-LIFE event. I hope there will be more opportunities that I could attend another.

Before I end this, I would like to say:


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First Legends Hot Time

June 10, 2012 Leave a comment

The first Legends Hot Time is here finally!

It was held yesterday, 9th June 2012 at 2.30p.m. (+8 GMT)

Hot Time is always the same except for the reward. At 2.3o, I received this box.

The contents:

1X AP Reset Scroll and 1X SP Reset Scroll (For everyone).

It contains also other awesome awards.


They include the Imperial series, 3-Star Enhancement scroll, 4-Star Enhancement scroll.
Let’s not forget the lucky guy medal 😀

All I get was the AP and SP reset scroll. I just -1 DEX for +1 Str. Nothing much.
Let’s wait for the second Hot Time 🙂