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MapleSEA v1.19 – Mercedes

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Mercedes adventure begins in the Black Road, after the battle with the Black Mage.

She woke up not knowing what happened to Aran and Freud, but was soon greeted by the sight of an injured Afrien and Freud.


Afrien advised Mercedes to head back to Elluel, the town of the Elves, to check on the people in the there.


To proceed back to Elluel, click on Afrien again, there will be a few options to choose from.


Click on “I need to get back to Elluel!” option and you will be taken back to Elluel.

Upon entering Elluel, you will be greeted by the 3 Elders of Elluel.


Click on NPC Philius, he will inform you that NPC Astilda wants to speak to you.


The 1st quest by NPC Astilda is to provide the children in Elluel a soothing music to comfort them as they fall asleep.


Activate the Orgel by clicking on it.


Talk to NPC Astilda after you have activate the Orgel. He will goes to sleep after you have completed the quest.


Next, talk to NPC Danika, who will request you to eliminate 10 Slimes


Travel to the east side of Elluel and exit through the portal located there.


Follow the arrows inside the Path of the Glow Caves and exit through the portal by the side.


Elimiate 10 x Slimes image inside Blooming Forest

Talk to NPC Danika to complete the quest. She will too goes to sleep after you have completed it.


Lastly, talk to NPC Philius again. This time, he will need your help to seal up the door on the left side of town.


Click on the portal to activate the seal to lock up Elluel for a 100 years.

Once you have successfully lock up Elluel, all the NPC will go to sleep.


Click on the light bulb above your character, you will be prompt to head back to the Royal Chamber and sleep as well.


100 years later, Mercedes return and her adventure begins….


  • Beginner

The skill Elven Blessing can be shared with other characters once you reach level 70. It’s just like the Pirate’s training.

  • Mercedes (1)
  • Mercedes (2)
  • Mercedes (3)
  • Mercedes (4)
The videos above are not by me of course.

Others related to Mercedes

A new character creation screen.

1 FREE character slot has been given to all IDs for the celebration of Mercedes!

When creating your Mercedes, you can choose between male and female. How awesome is that?


Let’s go to the events now.

1) Mercedes Welcome Party (May 30 – June 17)

It’s just like Cannon Shooter’s! This time, it’s open for Mercedes who reaches level 30 by 17 June can get a permanent Legends Balloon Cash Item.

To receive the free permanent, player must log in to their character that they wish to receive the permanent Legends Balloon Cape.
2) Legendary Ore (May 30 – July 1)
Long story, short talk. Accept the quest from Cassandra. She will give you a Legendary Ore. Keep the ore in your Set-Up inventory for 30 minutes and it will transform into a Legendary Gold Ore.
Take back this ore to Cassandra and receive one of the following.
It’s kinda useless when you’re not going bossing.
3) MapleSEA 7th Anniversary Carnival (May 30 – July 1)
Approach Cassandra and collect your own 7th Anniversary Diary to keep track of all the events that are happening.
Open up the diary and check your event progress.
Complete all 10 quests within the event period and be rewarded with a Maple Joyous 7th Anniversary Supreme Medal.
^ Awesome stats
The quests inside the 7th Anniversary Diary gives out 7th Anniversary Coin image. It can be used to exchange for Maple Beryl items, Joyous 7th Anniversary Scrolls and the Joy Bird Feather.
They can be traded via NPC Inkwell at Free Market Entrance.
4) Maple Rising Star (May 30 – July 1)
Cygnus, Valerie and Lilin are taking part in the Maple Rising Star competition this year.
Support your favourite character by joining their individual fan club. Activate different quest available inside the 7th Anniversary Dairy to train them up for this competition.
Click on the “Rising Star” tab inside the 7th Anniversary Dairy to check up on their training progress.
Complete enough quests and earn the favor of your favorite star to receive a Fan Club Balloon.
5) Dual Raid : Balloon Hunt 2 (May 30 – July 1)
Everything is same exactly with the first time (Legends: Prelude). I would not repeat it. Instead, click on the URL below to view the event.
6) Collect Lucky Cakes! (May 30 – July 1)
Collect 50 Lucky Cakes image and give them to Cassandra.
The reward is Legends Award Coin (2).
7) Find Legendary Coin Cakes (May 30 – July 1)
Collect 30 Legendary Coin Cakes image and give it to Cassandra to get a special buff.
^ The buff is stackable
8) Rock-Paper-Scissors (May 30 – July 1)
Before challenging Gaga in Rock-Paper-Scissors. You have to collect 20 Rock Card, Paper Card and Scissors Card.
Collect all 60 pieces to challenge Gaga. You will receive a Score Card from him if you have successfully collected the 60 playing pieces.
Double click the Score Card to check out the event progress.
If you succesfully challenge Gaga for 8 days, you will receive a prestigious trophy. It’s just a collectible.
9) The Party Quest Seven (May 30 – August 8)
Complete any 7 Party Quest in a day to receive Legends Awards Coin.
According to the webpage, ignore the NPC saying five party quest. It is seven.
10) The Monster Park Seven (May 30 – August 8)
Complete the Monster Park dungeon for 7 times in a day and you will receive the Legends Awards Coins.
11) The Battle Mode Seven (May 30 – August 8)
NPC Rosette is giving out Legends Awards Coins to player who participates in any Battle Mode for 7 times in a day.
WOW! Everyone is giving out Legends Awards Coin.
12) Magic Music Box (May 30 – June 26)
Before you even read the following. Think this, “am I buying any @cash this week?” If not, don’t read it. xD
Magic Music Box image. A jewelled music box that once belonged to a legendary hero of the past.
It contains special items like Cygnus Equipments, Abyss Series Recipe, 12 Slots Mineral/Herb Bag, Princessoid Coupon and the Innocence Scroll 20%.
How to Play?

  1.   Purchase the Magic Music Box from the Cash Shop.
  2. Player must hunt for the Hero’s Key image from monsters around Maple World.
  3. The Hero’s Key will be used to open up the Magic Music box.
  4. Once a Hero’s Key is used on a Magic Music Box, both the Hero’s Key and the Magic Music Box will disappeared.
 Told you, you need Cash to play this one.
13) Hot Time
There will be several Hot Time events. It’s been a while since MapleSEA launched a Hot Time event.
Details are coming soon.

Gachapon Update

Rising Sun Ring/Recipe, Rising Sun Earrings/Recipe and Miracle Scroll for Dual-Bowguns for Attack has been added. Get yours NOW!


That is all by now.



Further changes to Legends

May 26, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s been a week since Legends has been released. There are extra ‘unnoticed’ content changes that is added. Let me explain 1 by 1.

1) Boss Bugs Fix

Let’s welcome back the original Scarlion, Targa, Krexel and Zipangu bosses. Their ‘no-attack’ bug has been fix and they have become aggresive (No more free bosses >.<).

2) Party Quest

Nothing changes to the interior content. Just that a new option is added to the NPC in each Party Quest so that you can check the number of times you can enter the Party Quest.

3) Profession

A lot of new items has been added to craft for all professions (Smithing, Accessory Craft, Alchemy). Most of them needs level 10.

  • Smithing

New sets added. They are the new Von Leon set (level 125), Fearless series, Abyss series.

i) Victor Von Leon Set (Warrior)

ii) Hex Von Leon Set (Magician)

iii) Scar Von Leon Set (Thief)

iv) Celine Von Leon Set (Archer)

v) Mer Von Leon Set (Pirate)

Example of Fearless and Abyss series:

Fearless is stronger than Abyss.

  • Accessory crafting

1. The Fearless series has been released.

2. White Angelic Blessing has been added.

3. Blazing Sun set is more powerful than Rising Sun Set.

  • Alchemy

The welcoming of more powerful potions like Superior stat(Str, Dex, Int, Luk) boost potion, Superior Hero Potion.

4) Heartstone

Besides dropping ore fragments and items to raise imp. It now also drops refined ores (More than 1). Awesome huh?

5) PvP Changes

  • Free-for-all

New maps were added.

  • Scoring system

Why does this happen? It has been nerfed.

6) Character creation

Dual Blade character creation has been removed. Existing characters are not affected.


Watch the video below. Some of the details above (1, 4 and 5) are below.

MapleSEA V 1.17: Cannon Shooters

May 14, 2012 1 comment

New character creation page:

The Story of the Cannon Shooter

Once there was a boy who wanted to go to Maple Island to be an Explorer. While he was on the boat to Maple Island, it happened….

Balrog, has appeared on the boat and hit him away. He was nowhere to be found.

He woke up, the first thing he saw was a monkey. A very CUTE monkey appeared in front of his eyes, trying to communicate with him.

He realised that he was stranded on the Island. But he found someone on the island that can help him escape to Victoria Island. So, the boy helped that man, the both of them escaped to Victoria Island (along with the monkey) in a cannon.

They arrived at the Nautilus, Kyrin talked to the boy. He is now officially a Cannon Shooter!




Not much in detail.


Cannon Shooter has special beginner skills compared to other explorers.

For Pirate Blessing, you can pass it to another character if your Cannon Shooter reaches level 70. How awesome is that?


Not your average Pirate 😀

-Cannon Shooter

Finally get into topic

-Cannon Trooper

-Cannon Master

You are the master in shooting cannons.

Nautilus Revamp

Nautilus Harbour has been revamped, the town and the fields.


All the 3 corridors are now become one map. You can jump down from the top to the bottom.


Random new mobs were added, example: Starfish

That’s it for now.


Legends: Updates for Cannon Shooter

May 14, 2012 Leave a comment

System Changes

1. Convenience Functions

  • Fast Move System

A new system that assists fast move towards content entry helper and main NPC in town.

  • Find NPC Button

Location of the NPC can be seen in mini-map if NPC is selected from NPC list.

  • Shop buy-back function

When you accidentally sold your items to an NPC, you can buy it back with the same price. Valid before you log out from the game.

  • Merging of System Options and Game Options

System Options and Game Options are merged into one.

2. Profession Revamp

  • Fatigue

Increased to 200 (double from original) and the hourly fatigue recovery rate has been increased.

  • Special for Mechanic and Wild Hunters

Mechanic and Wild Hunters can mine or herbalise when riding their jaguar or mech.

  • Fast crafting
  • Store update (Ardentmill)

3. Equipment Enhancement

  • 5-Star Special

Instead of having 5 small stars, a special star will appear.

  • Increased amount of stars

An equipment can now be enhanced up to 15 times.

  • Legendary item

Legendary-potential items are way more powerful than Unique-potential items. 12% stats may appear in legendary items. Get yours NOW!!

4. Others

  • Danger Zone Taxi

Omega Sector has one now. Maybe it can bring you back to Ludibrum easier.

  • MaxMP Formula

“The Max MP formula has been modified so that no other jobs other than Magicians are affected on accumulated INT value by max MP increase formula. It’s the same for Magician tree jobs.”

Seriously, I have no idea what it says….. >.<

  • Potions

-Normal Potions: Max is 300 potions per slot instead of 100.

-Pills: Increased to maximum 600 pills per slot instead of 150.

-Alchemy-made pills: Maximum quantity is 800 pills per slot.


1. Cannon Shooter Welcome Party (May 14 – May 30)

All Cannon Shooter that reaches level 30 before 9 a.m. at May 30 will receive a PERMANENT Legends Balloon Cash Item.

When you reach level 30 as Cannon Shooter, you can use your other characters to claim the Legends Balloon but there is only one.

2. I’m New! I’m Back! I’m Mapler! (May 14 – June 17)

All existing characters and characters that hasn’t been logged in for a period of time will be able to receive 1 of the 3 new rings! However, their character must hit the necessary criteria in order to receive the new rings.

The rings will only last for 30 days once it appears in the Cash Shop Wardrobe.

I’m New Ring

Eligible for the first character of any Maple ID (newly created ID) that enters the Cash Shop.


Boosts EXP once equipped. Effect is just like Spirit Pendant.

-1 hour effect: 10% bonus

-2 hour effect: 20% bonus

-3 hour effect: 30% bonus

Mapler Ring

Eligible for an ID that has logged in the game after 1st February 2012. Can be obtained after entering the Cash Shop. Most players will receive this due to activeness.


Join a party with someone who has a Welcome Back Ring to increase drop rate by 50%.

Welcome Back Ring

Eligible for an ID that hasn’t been logging in the game since 1st February 2012. Can be obtained after entering the Cash Shop.


Increase 80% bonus Party EXP when joining a party.


3. Profession Revamp Celebration (May 14 – June 17)

Maple Administrator is giving away free Legends Awards Coins to all Maplers who learn and level up their profession during the event period.

Learn 2 new profession before the end of the event and received 2 Legends Awards Coin.

Level up Profession Special

Get rewarded with more Legends Award Coins when you level up your profession skills.

  • Level up your professions from Level 2 to Level 4 and receive 1 x Legends Award Coins for each level gained.
  • Level up your professions from Level 5 to Level 7 and receive 2 x Legends Award Coins for each level gained.
  • Level up your professions from Level 8 to Level 10 and receive 3 x Legends Award Coins for each level gained.


  • Receive 1 x Intermediate Mine or Herb Patch Ticket when your profession reached Level 4.
  • Receive 1 x Expert Mine or Herb Patch Ticket when your profession reached Level 7.

You can also borrow Cole’s Golden Pickaxe & Saffron’s Golden Shovel for free during the event period!

Lastly, free access to Secret Mine or Secret Herb Patch once per day.

4. Legend Box of Tomorrow (May 14 – June 17)

From 14th May 2012 to 17th June 2012, Maple Administrator will be giving all Maplers a wonderful gift. However, they can only open up this gift after 2359hrs on the same day.

What is inside? It’s a mystery.

5. Legend Equipment Support (May 14 – July 1)

Receive Free Legends Equipment Box image when you level up from 14th May 2012 to 1st July 2012. Click on the icons on the left side of the screen when you reach an appropriate level.

  • Level 10
  • Level 15
  • Level 20
  • Level 25
  • Level 30
  • Level 35
  • Level 40
  • Level 50
  • Level 60
  • Level 70

6. Legend Space Rock (May 14 – July 1)

From 14th May 2012 to 1st July 2012, talk to Maple Administrator to receive a Legends Space Rock daily. You hear it right! The Maple Administrator will be giving away FREE Legend Space Rock to all Maplers on a daily basis throughout the event duration.

The Legend Space Rock can teleport you to any town you like but it comes with a 30 minutes cooldown.

7. Legend 1+1 (May 14 – August 8)

For the 1st Cannon Shooter, Mercedes or Demon Slayers character that is created for each individual Maple ID, it will automatically participate in the Legend 1 + 1 Event.

An EXP gauge image will appeared at the side of your screen and it will be automatically filled up for every experience gained by your Legend character.

When your 1st Legend character reaches Level 30, you will be able to obtain a mysterious potion by clicking on the mysterious potion icon image on the left of your screen.

Double-click on the EXP Level 30 mysterious potion and you will be able to use the bonus EXP collected for your character from Level 1 to 30.

That’s not all, when the same 1st Legend character reaches Level 70, you will be able to obtain another mysterious potion by clicking on the mysterious potion icon image on the left of your screen.

The EXP mysterious potion can be transferred ONE-TIME onto other characters within the same account and it cannot be transferred to another legend class (Cannon Shooter, Mercedes, Demon Slayer)

8. Hero of the Legend: New Class Creation (May 14 – August 8)

Only for Legends class (Cannon Shooter, Mercedes, Demon Slayer)

Part 1: Job Advancement

  • Completion of 2nd Job Advancement: 1 x Legends Award Coin
  • Completion of 3rd Job Advancement: 3 x Legends Award Coin
  • Completion of 4th Job Advancement: 6 x Legends Award Coin

Part 2: Level 50 Legend

That’s not all! For every Legend class that reaches Level 50 during the event period, NPC Cassandra will reward them with a Legendary Ring.

The Legendary Ring is stackable with Lilin’s Ring, Explorer’s Ring and the Resistance Ring.

Part 3: Level 70 Legend

for every Legend character that reaches Level 70, they will be able to receive a 100% Special Mastery Book to raise up a corresponding 4th Job skill’s Master Level to it’s maximum if you meet the requirement.

Complete the Elite Legend Class Blessing quest and get to choose 1 x Special Mastery Book image

Only one character per class can receive the mastery book.

9. Legends Never Give Up! (May 14 – August 8)

The Maple Administrator will be giving out a special gift to anyone who reaches Level 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 or 100 during the period of 14th May 2012 to 8th August 2012.

And that particular reward is: 1.5X EXP buff!

10. Uses of Legend Coins

Find NPC Randolf and Lucia at various towns or use the fast move system to find them immediately.

They sell a bunch of AMAZING items. Too bad there is no Angelic Blessing in them.

Gachapon Update

Rising Sun Recipes, Crafting Rising Sun items, Cannons and Dual Bowguns are released in Gachapon Machines. Get yours now!

New trailer?!?!

May 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Weird stuff happened today. A new trailer for Legends is released and the old one has been removed?

Wow, that sucks. The new trailer is worse than the original.

1 hour in the making

Screw you new trailer. You suck F3. Ok, me use some time to edit out another trailer. I hope it wins the original haha. Like it or not?

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New month, Happy Belated Birthday, Legends countdown, new updates to page

May 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi people. It’s been weeks since my last post. I apologize because I’ve been busy with my exams and I really don’t have any new stuff to type about. Well, here is something new.

Today is 10th May, so it means there is still 4 more days to Legends part 1 – Cannon Shooter. I can’t wait for that day to come but it’s the second week of my exam. After that, I still have 1 more week to go then only I can go gaming excessively. Luckily, Mercedes will be released on the holidays.

Oh! The trailer has been released for 2 weeks or so. I share it here now.

Yesterday (9 May) was my birthday! I was supposed to type this yesterday but I was too busy. Not with parties or celebrations, but with the exams (Yes, it’s true and the worst thing is…’s on the first week). I felt like this:

Screw my birthday xD. I can’t get the chance to play and celebrate.

Let’s continue.

Since it’s a new month. I’ve added 2 new features to my page. Can you find it? Tell me if you do.

That’s all for now. Goodbye.


Before that. One more thing. FinnixOrder Revolution 4 (MIGHT) be released on end of May or early of June. My exam ends on 22nd May. By that day, I will try my best to continue animating. It’s almost finished by now but I can’t release it soon because time is just way too limited.

Ok that’s all. Seriously. Bye now. =)

-flyknight2’s diary: 10 May

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