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Legends Prelude – Part 2

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

2 weeks has passed and new events have been added. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Event – Family Loyalty Forever (18 April – 15 May)

Mark your attendance every day just by talking to Maple Administrator. She will give you a medal if you have marked your attendance for 7 days or 14 days.

^ 7 Day Attendance

^ 14 Day Attendance

Event: Gaga’s New Business (18 April – 15 May)

Gaga needs your help! Just collect 30 Monkey Dolls from mobs (depending on your level).

First of all, you will receive this book. Just like the Find The Treasure Map Event.

Open it to check out the list of rewards for completing for certain days.

So, collect dolls like these to complete the quest and mark the number of days you’ve completed the quest.

^ Cute Monkey ^_^

Anyways. This quest is also repeatable every 10 minutes and every time you finish it, you will get Mimir’s Well Water for Cannon Shooters and also this banana.

It’s only difference is that the Mighty Banana can be used by all character and there is no level limit. But the EXP is VERY VERY low. I used it on my Hero and it only adds 600k EXP.

Event: The Lost Snipe (18 April – 15 May)

Talk to NPC Gaga to start the event. He will transport you to another map to help the lost snipe.

OK! Gaga does nothing in this. Nor does the egg. The only functional NPC is The Lost Snipe at the right side of the map. Talk to it to enter the Jumping Quest.

Doing it the first time

When you do it the first time, you must accept one quest. Then click the MISC. Option which is “I want to help the lost Snipe” to enter the jumping quest. The obstacle is different in the first time.

And you will receive this item every time when you enter the jumping quest. Not just for the first time.

After completing the first time

The obstacle changes. But it remains constant.


  1. Equip Enhancement Scroll
  2. Palm Tree Beach Chair
  3. Junk Potions

^Credits to j9922


  1. Your speed and jump is 100% and transporting skills cannot be used such as Teleport or Flash Jump.
  2. You have to compete to enter the jump quest. Otherwise you will receive this message.

Final Reward – Peep Peep

Help the Lost Snipe for 10 times and you can get this very nice Face Accessory.

I think that’s about it for this event.

System: Gachapon Revamp

Gachapon Machines are revamped. The chance of getting AWESOME items are increased. Good luck in Gacha-ing! xD

That’s for now. Goodbye everyone 🙂


The new glitch to Rex PQ

April 17, 2012 2 comments

I’ve mistaken in my previous post. I said that there is no more glitch to this PQ but actually there is. It’s just that the way of glitching is different from the last time.

How to glitch for unlimited entry? Refer the video below.

Explaining steps

  1. Wait your party members to leave the map.
  2. Relog into the game in the SAME channel
  3. Shammos is waiting for you outside. Just talk to him and DONE!

Precaution steps

  • No party member should leave or disconnect throughout the glitching process.
  • If you fail the PQ, the glitch doesn’t break. You can continue with it.
  • Once a member leaves or new member is added, the glitch is breaked.

I think that’s about it. Enjoy glitching the PQ!! xD

Extra Changes to Legends: Prelude

April 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Event Change

1) Remember about I said about the Sunburst never drops because of the penalty? I’m wrong about it. They DO drop but the Sunbursts have a 24-hour limit.

2) You can also get Musical Note Chair from Golden Temple. It’s untradable anyways.

3) Ravana can only be entered once a day, so don’t hunt too much sunbursts or else it expires at the next day.

Find the Treasure Map Event – More info

About the Mimir’s Well Water for Cannon Shooters.

The Quest is repeatable every 10 minutes. And every time when you finished it, you will receive 1 of these. Try to collect 100 because your Cannon Shooter can use 100 of these.

PQ Glitch

1) The Resurrection of the Hoblin King PQ can no longer be glitched.

Bosses Bug

Good news, It’s NOT FIXED!!! Enjoy killing No-Attacking bosses while you can xD.

Legends: Prelude (Part 1)

April 5, 2012 Leave a comment

For Legends: Prelude patch. I will separate into 2 parts which is Events Currently Available and Events Coming Soon.


Gachapon Update

More level 130 equipments has been added to Gachapons in all town. How awesome it is if level 140 is Gacha-able?

New Gachapon System: Gachapon Jackpot

A rare Jackpot can be obtained from spamming a lot of Gachapons. There will be a winner for each month in each world.

The jackpot for April is Chaos Horntail Necklace.


Event: Golden Temple       [5 April -> 30 May]

As usual, Golden Temple is back. Get the damned tickets and go in the Goblin Temple or Monkey Forest to train. Not to forget get 5 Sunbursts to enter Ravana.

Access Golden Temple via Mirror of Dimension.

Warning: Exiting Golden Temple sends you back to Henesys

Entering Ravana will be impossible with the penalty system since Jump Patch. The Penalty DO apply in Golden Temple so don’t think of entering Ravana for now.

Event: Duel Raid – Balloon Hunt        [5 April -> 25 April]

Form a party of 3 and approach NPC Gaga to participate.

The objective of the game is to hit the Maple Balloon at the middle of the map.

The spring boards at the ends of the map can be used to help out in hitting the balloon.

There are various items that will drop and can help in your gameplay.

Collect the  Charge +1 to charge up the battery gauge. Then the team will be able to stand in the middle platform which helps to hit the balloon easier.

The first team to finish hitting the balloon wins the game.

A random Maple Equipment will be given out as reward.

Event: Easter Event!!!       [5 April -> 25 April]

Easter Event is back!!! Same as usual, the main point is to get Bunny Disguise III.

Event: Find the Treasure Map       [5 April -> 1 May]

The main purpose of the event is support for Cannon Shooters.

Cassandra needs help to find the treasure maps.

There are 6 map pieces and can be collected from mobs. The penalty system applies too. The map pieces goes into the Set-Up inventory.

There is a Treasure Map Book like the Knight of Virtue. A special reward can be obtained when the quest is completed for certain days.

  • Day 1: Power Elixirs
  • Day 3: 3 Continental Return Scrolls and Power Elixirs
  • Day 5: 65% Cannon Scrolls
  • Day 7: Level 100 Cannon.

Oh yea. And you can get this for your Cannon Shooter.

Event: Happy Day!       [5 April -> 15 May]

On Weekends, NPC Maple Administrator will give you buffs which helps in training.

That’s about it for now. Tune in for my next update 🙂

Legendary Fever!

April 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Maplestory Legends will be released next month!!! 14 May based on my estimation. I will re-calculate when the month countdown is 0.

So, we have a 4 part update.

Part 1 – Pre-Legends

Legends Prelude patch will be released on 5 April 2012. It is used to prepare for Cannon Shooters and also…..exploits!!!

More info on other post :3

Part 2 – Cannon Shooter

The Adventurer Pirate. Uses a Cannon as weapon and a monkey follows him everytime.

Part 3 – Mercedes

The Archer Legend. Mercedes is the king of elves in a small continent called Eurel.


Part 4 – Demon Slayer

The Warrior Resistance. He is first a Black Wings member but betrayed by the Black Mage, then he went to join the Resistance for revenge.


The update is released way earlier than I expected it will be. 2 Months by the exact. I can’t wait for first new class – CANNON SHOOTERS!!!

A new month

April 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Hey people I’m back. I’ve been away from blogging for weeks because I have no story to write about. Since today is the start of a new month, I decide to update a little bit of my diary.

Ok. Firstly I reached another level – Level 184.

What else? Oh yea, I have a Rising Sun Ring.

I’m still in the middle of collecting Rising Sun Belt and Rising Sun Face Paint. I also planning to make an Agares Bloody Terror (level 130 sword) and it will be done after a few days or so. I hope.

My personality table? Nothing special about it. The only change is Insight +3, Ambition +5 and Diligence +10. I want my Diligence to reach level 100 so my 60% scrolls will have a 70% effect. ^_^


That’s about it for now. I will share my story next time.

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