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Holiday gaming

March 18, 2012 Leave a comment

My school holidays is here for 1 week. I know I hadn’t been updating my blog. That is because I’ve been busy with my exams and playing the game xD. Now, I’m back to tell my story.

Now, this holiday, I managed to reach level 182. It’s far more than I expected, my target was supposed to be level 181 only. Well, extra is always better :).

I’ve been busy to add my Charm level to 30. For the past few days, I keep do Kenta In Danger PQ until max limit and take a lot of Monster Park Commemorative Coins from Monster Park (to trade for Speigelmann’s Mustache which has 100 Charm EXP).

Finally, I can get my Charm to level 30. It’s highly unexpected and I am very VERY happy. :).

I recorded a video, I try to upload it soon. That is what you can see when my Charm EXP almost reach 30 and what happens after it reach 30.

What else?

My EXP reach 70%. Maybe is due to too much PQ and Monster Park during 2x EXP events.

For my personality table and Professions. This is what I achieved.

My Mining reached level 10. Not very important, except that it reduces the failing rate.

Level 9 Accessory Crafting with >50% Mastery. Soon, when it reaches level 10, I can directly craft the Rising Sun Ring.

My personality table is huge! Ambition 68, Empathy 5 (Can’t train this), Insight 62, Willpower 38, Diligence 78 and Charm 30 as mentioned.

Now, I have 18 more levels until I reach level 200. I got my desired Charm level and Pocket Slot with the Pocket Item which is Gallant Manual [Practise]. I collected a lot of Gallant Emblems due to the 2X BP events and before Jump Update. Now, my Gallant Emblems are low in number. Have to get more to craft more and exchange more.

Still got lots to achieve, just wait me!

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Monster Park Update

March 7, 2012 Leave a comment

7 March 2012, the release of Monster Park. It’s not a patch, it’s just a server check adding the content in the game.

Entering Monster Park

Talk to NPC Monster Park Shuttle to enter the Monster Park.

At the right, there are 3 doors. Each door/portal is a different category of level.

For the first door:

Requirement is level 13 to 69 with the possession of a Zebra Stripe Ticket.

Second door:

Requirement is level 70 to 119 with the possession of Leopard Stripe Ticket.

The third door at the right:

Requirement is level 120 above with the possession of Tiger Stripe Ticket.

Purchasing Tickets

NPC Mary at the left side of the map sells/exchanges tickets to enter the Monster Park. To exchange, get 10 pieces of tickets from Monsters outside and exchange for an entrance ticket for a several payment.

You can also purchase tickets from NPC Mary except that you can only buy from her 3 times a day.

The use of  Monster Park Commemorative Coin

This coin can be obtained from the Monsters inside Monster Park. They are used to exchange some items.

NPC Laku which is beside Mary is in charge of exchanging items with coins.

List of Items:

Speigelmann’s Mustache: 5 days availability.
Speigelmann’s Autograph: 7 days availability.

How to play

  1. Get a party. It’s a Party Play Zone (Monsters with high HP and EXP) which gives 50% extra EXP for each member.
  2. Don’t go solo. You cannot finish the whole game.
  3. There are 5 stages and 1 final stage (Total: 6).
  4. There are no strategy on this thing, just kill every monster in your way.
  5. There is a 20 minute limit to finish the whole game.

Skip the events. Nothing special about them.