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Dear Diary – 22 February 2012

February 22, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ve done a lot of things today. I feel great and also tired. By the time this post is done, my computer will be offed.

Today, it’s the official release of FinnixOrder Revolution 3. I spent almost 6 months in the making and it is not a great reward at the end.

There is also a server check today and it ended at 4p.m.. I get to play on 6p.m. because I have works to do and I’m not finished with them YET xD.

New events were added. One of them is this damned Random Beauty Coupon. The coupon randomly drops at random mobs and gives you random hairstyle, face and skin. I tried a lot and still cannot get a good look. My final look has a nice hair, bad skin and bad eyes. I still want to change it. Well, one of my trials is:

What else? Oh, my Ambition just reached level 60 and I got the medal “Bearded Ambition”.

My range with Rage and Level 10 Maple Warrior is x-15001. 10k<x<13k. And why do I type it with Maths? o.O. Maybe,  I did too much Math in my secondary school life.

Let me think of something else?


Still thinking………

I think there is nothing else. I end this post right here and I shall see you all next time.




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FinnixOrder Revolution 3 to be released on 22 February

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi everyone, sorry for the series delayed for almost half a year. That is because I’ve probably busy with my works, my exam and gaming. I also don’t feel like putting lots of effort into animating :P.

FinnixOrder Revolution 2 was released on August 19, 2011. The new episode which took 6 months in the making will be released on Wednesday, 22 February 2012. I’ve finished with animating everything but I want to delay a little bit time (sorry) to save it and upload. Don’t worry, I’ve already planned it. But it will not be released in the morning so don’t wait. It might be released at the afternoon or evening but it will be before 9p.m.

Thank you for your support and patience while I continue to finish up the series. I hope I can fulfill my resolution which is finish up the whole series by May or June.

The trailer:

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Extra Changes to Jump

February 17, 2012 Leave a comment

I knew I haven’t been blogging for the past few days because I’m busy. I also don’t have so much time in gaming. So, I decide to make this post.

Extra Info on Diligence

Another info has been added into Diligence. Under the Scroll Success Rate. There is a bracket saying “Excludes Special Scrolls”. It means that the success rate for Potential Scrolls, Equipment Enhancement Scrolls and some other scrolls cannot be added with Diligence level.

Monster Penalty

Monsters now will have penalties. If your level is high from the monster, you will receive a penalty.

This penalty doesn’t apply on monsters that are level 150 and above.

PVP Changes

1) The EXP received during a battle has increased.

2) The reward EXP for Free-For-All mode and Team Match has been increased.

3) The Battle Points received for Ice Knight mode has been decreased for more than 50%. >.<

4) New items to trade with Gallant Emblems.

  • Now, NPC Larson sells Magnifying Glass and level 0 arrows.
  • The Special part of the trading is PVP Accessories, Pocket Items, Mystery Recipe, Mystery Scroll and Battle Pouch.
  • The Gallant Emblems required for Battle Pouch has been reduced to 4
  • Level 130 Equipment Recipes can be traded with a high amount of Gallant Emblem.
  • Angelic Blessing and Dark Angelic Blessing CANNOT be traded with Gallant Emblems.
  • Rising Sun Set can be traded from NPC Larson as well.

Available Level 130 Equipments are:

  1. Agares Bloody Terror
  2. Agares Bloody Zweihander
  3. Agares Bloody Maul
  4. Agares Bloody Gauntlets

and alot more.

Rising Sun Set:

  1. Rising Sun Ring
  2. Rising Sun Belt
  3. Rising Sun Pendant
  4. Rising Sun Face Paint


Maplestory Jump – Arising of the Origins

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment

The jump patch is finally here!

New Gateways

The name for Singapore and Malaysia gateway has been changed to Ares Gateway and Artemis Gateway.

New Login Screen

Class Revamps: Archer, Warrior and Magician

The 3 main classes of Maplestory has been revamped to become more powerful than ever. The revamps also apply to Soul Master, Wind Breaker and Flame Wizard.

Thieves and Pirates get nothing from this update.

Mount Skill Revamp

All mount skills will be moved to the new Mount Tab. By opening the skill window you will see a new option called “Mount”.

New Party Quests

3 New Party quests are added. They are The Curse of The Ice Knight, Kenta In Danger, and Escape.

Party quest: The Curse of The Ice Knight

This PQ is just like the Hoblin King PQ except that the stages involved is lesser.

  • Stage 1 and Stage 2: Protect the small Ice Knight until the boss stage
  • Stage 3( Boss) : Defeat the Ice Knight

Level Requirement: Level 30-200

Level Recommendation: Level 30-69

i) Rewards

1) Ice Knight’s Ice Earring – Tradable with 20 Cold Ice Fragments

2) Ice Knight Chain Crampons – Tradable with 10 Cold Ice Fragments

Party Quest: Kenta In Danger

Level Requirement: Level 120+

This PQ has 4 stages. I will explain the stages as below or watch the video above.

  • Stage 1: Kill all mobs in the map
  • Stage 2: Kill the Sharks and Cold Sharks and collect 20 Air Bubbles. Anyone can collect and it will not be in the ETC. Inventory.
  • Stage 3: Protect Kenta for 3 minutes

In stage 3, Kenta will give a buff. It’s the buff on the left.

This buff gives 30 Weapon Attack/Magic Attack and it’s Stackable with Rage, Advanced Bless and others.

  • Stage 4 (Boss): Defeat 2 Pianus (Left and Right).

i) Rewards

1) The 2 Pianus will drop 1 Pianus Scale EACH, potions and equipments.

2) Kenta’s Goggles – Traded with 100 Pianus Scale

3) Lots of EXP.

4) Both of the Pianus have 37 Ambition. Completing the Party Quest gives 44 Willpower EXP and 26 Charm EXP.

Party Quest: Escape

(Not my video)

This is the hardest PQ among the 3 new PQs. It has a lot of stages and jump quests.

Level Requirement: Level 120+

  • Stage 1: Jump Quest
  • Stage 2: Finding the correct portal
  • Stage 3: Kill all monsters
  • Stage 4: Jump Quest Again
  • Stage 5: Getting the keys and opening the prison doors
  • Stage 6 (Boss): Defeat Ani

i) Rewards:

1) Von Leon War Belt – Tradable with 50 Prison Guard Keys dropped from Ani boss.

Stats: +7 to 2 of your primary attributes. Example: For Marx Von Leon War Belt (Warrior), 7 Str and 7 Dex. 3 Weapon/Magic Attack depending on class.

New Party Quest system

The new system is the Recommended level for the Party Quests. Here is the list of it.

-Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake: (Recommended Level : Level 20-69 )
-First Time Together: (Recommended Level : Level 20-69 )
-Dimensional Crack: (Recommended Level : Level 20-69 )
-Forest of Poison Haze: ( Recommended Level : Level 70-119 )
-Remnant of the Goddess: ( Recommended Level : Level 70-119 )
-Romeo and Juliet: ( Recommended Level : Level 70-119 )
-Lord Pirate: ( Recommended Level : Level 70-119 )
-Resurrection of the Hoblin King: ( Recommended Level : Level 120 above )
-Dragon Rider: ( Recommended Level : Level 120 above )

These are only recommended level. Others level that are above or below (minimum requirement level) also can participate in the Party Quests.

Daily 20% EXP Bonus

A party quest will be randomly chosen and recommended daily, Maplers will be awarded with additional of 20% EXP when they have completed the recommended party quest. Still, there is a limit.

Exchangable Tablets

The Dragon Rider boss from the Dragon Rider PQ will now drop a new token call “Sky Scale”. Upon receiving the Sky Scale, head to NPC Matada at Crimson Sky Dock to exchange for a tablet.

New Travelling Method: Airplane Riding

By using the Airplane mount skill, it will shorten time taken to travel between each continents and not required to wait for the default airship to depart. The airplanes can be bought from NPC Irvin.

The  Airplanes also act as Mounts that can be mounted and they can be used to travel between continents. To ride the plane, it costs a certain amount of mesos.

Treasure Monster

Monsters that appear on maps that haven’t been killed for a set amount of time will have a chance to evolve into a Treasure Monster. When a treasure monster has been killed, it will drop fantastic rewards like Equipment Enhancement Scroll or Mystery Mastery Book.

Additional World Map

The Lionheart Castle World Map and Gate to The Future World Map has been added.

Minimap Renewal

Icons shown in the Minimap has been categorized into different colors by it’s function which allow Maplers to identify NPC easier through mini map.

The mini map can be changed at the System Options.

Other Changes

1) Lionheart Castle and Knights’ Stronghold has been changed to normal playing maps. Say goodbye to the high HP and high EXP. The Party Play System has been removed as well.

Here is a video example of the Knights’ Stronghold:

2) Quest notification (the annoying bulb on the head) have been moved to the left side of the screen.

3) A new Event Calender has been added.

4) Minimap increase to max size automatically in certain maps.

5) Party matching system has been revamped.

6) Party search function has been added.

7) Party EXP distribution has been modified.

8) The Mirror of Dimension has a new look.


1) SP Reset Scroll GIVEAWAYS!

Starting from 8th February to 6th March 2012, all Warriors (except Aran), Magicians (except Evan and Battle Mage) and Archers (Except Wild Hunters) will receive a free SP Reset Scroll upon their login.

2) Explorer’s Job Reward

  • Explorer Job Advancement Event(Event Period : 8th February to 6th March 2012)

Upon reaching the first job advancement, a new Gift Box and Star quests will be received. By double clicking on the Gift Box and Star quests, 6 set of equipment boxes and a unique class ring will be awarded according to the character’s class. Maplers must reach the requirement level in order to utilize the boxes.

Thief and Pirate Class will only receive 3 set of equipments.

  • Elite Explorer Blessing Event(Event Period : 8th February to 6th March 2012)

After completing each job advancement starting from 2nd Job advancement, Maplers will be rewarded with a job-specific weapon scroll and a 1.5x EXP buff item. That’s not it, a 100% Mastery books specific to the character’s job will also be given to 3rd Job Explorer Warriors, Magicians and Archers.

Thieves and Pirates class will not receive anything from this event.

(Existing characters that reached 3rd job or above can get the Mastery Books)

3) Explorer’s Gratias Ring (Event period: 8th February – 6 March 2012)

Any new created Explorer Character (including Thief and Pirate) that reaches level 70 will receive an Explorer’s Gratias Ring.

Funny thing about this ring is that it gives 100 Ambition EXP.

4) Valentines’ Day Event (8th February – 21 February 2012)

This event is just like the previous years in Maplestory. Just find NPC Ace of Hearts from any town, give him chocolates and some junk to make an EXP protecting chocolate box. Well, this year it’s a little bit different is that the NPC is only located in Ludibrum.

-Heart Chocolate (Valid for 3 days) can be obtained every hour after completing the quest.

-Chocolate Basket (Valid for 5 days) can only be obtained ONCE.

5) Rainbow Event (13th February – 26 February 2012)

  • Monday: Bonus EXP when hunting a monster of your choice
  • Tuesday: 10% bonus EXP from participating in any Monster Survial event
  • Wednesday: Collect Yellow Butterflies to trade in 10% and 60% scroll for 15% and 65% scrolls up to three times
  • Thursday: 10% bonus EXP from winning at Monster Carnival or Sea of Fog
  • Friday: Find the gold at the end of the rainbow as we open Gold Richie’s Treasure Vault!
  • Saturday: 10% bonus EXP when you participate in a party quest
  • Sunday: 10% bonus EXP when you defeat a boss monster

The available bosses and Party Quest for Saturday and Sunday are listed as below:

6) Evolving Belt Event (22th February – 6th March 2012)

In order to participate in the Evolving Belt Event, Maplers must receive the Evolving Belt quest from NPC Gold Richie at Event Map. The Evolving Belt Event is just like the Evolving Ring Event except that it has lower levels and lower duration required.

How to:

  • Accept “The Latest Tech” quest and receive the “Marble That Evolves Into A Belt After 30 Minutes”.
  • Hold on to it for 30 minutes without leaving the game to receive a Level 1 Evolving Belt.
  • Finish the quest by going back to Gold Richie to receive your next quest, “Dr. Kim’s Advice”.
  • Hold on to the “Mysterious Marble” you received from Dr. Kim for at least 1 hour to receive an “Evolving Belt Upgrade Capsule”.
  • Upgrade the Evolving Belt to the next level with the Evolving Belt Upgrade Capsule.

7) Random Beauty Coupon (22th February -22th March 2012)

When using the Special Beauty Coupon, Skin, Eyes and hair will be randomized. Most of the monsters do drop the Special Beauty Coupon. Try to be lucky, when you’re unlucky, you get an ugly face, hair and whatsoever.

8) Mardi Gras Celebration (1st -31st March 2012)

Just by hunting “Mardi Gras Bead Necklace” which can be obtained from all monsters and find NPC Gaga to exchange for a Mardi Gras Mask reward. If you’re really lucky though, you might even earn one of these royal masks.

A little bit from Gachapon Update

1) Level 130 weapons can be obtained from Gachapon at any town.

2) A new chair is added. Giant HP Bottle is its name.

Jump coming soon

February 7, 2012 Leave a comment


Note: This post is updated

After 3 months from the Ice Knight patch. Jump is coming to MapleSEA on 8 February 2012. The patch notes are not released yet.

8 February – Arising of the Origins

3 in 1 revamps? Maybe. This patch is about the Warrior, Archer and Magician revamps.

The gateways (Singapore and Malaysia) has a new name. Singapore has been changed to Ares Gateway and Malaysia has been changed to Artemis Gateway.Image

Image – Left: Ares- The God of War

          – Right: Artemis-The Goddess of Wildness

I estimated that the Server Check will be very long……I hope it will be very fast.

7 March – Monster Park

The Spiegelmann Monster Park is finally here! In the Monster Park, you get extra 50% EXP for each party members. It’s a party play zone.

More info will be out soon.