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The Fish Trading event

January 29, 2012 Leave a comment

The event starts with NPC Naomi at Event Map.

Then, she will tell you to get 100 Beltin, 100 Breakin and 100 Poppin. Hunting them is not hard but it also takes time to finish all. Each character can only play this event once.

The rewards can be:

1) Spectrum Goggles

2) Dark Racoon Mask

3) Bunny Disguise 1

4) Bunny Disguise 2

5) Bunny Disguise 3

It will be given out at random.

I got this Spectrum Goggles though.

This is the event. Nothing special about it.


A little bit from Chinese New Year

January 28, 2012 Leave a comment

So it’s Chinese New Year. Nothing much happens because there is no System Events in the game that has to do with Chinese New Year. Well, for me, no event that I can play because all requires @cash or lots of Mesos. One of the events is donation, I don’t want to invest too much in the game though.

In this Chinese New Year, I gained 2 levels. How awesome is that? Not really, I’ve been busy for Chinese New Year.

So, MapleSEA’s 2012 Resolution said that the first update in this year is Jump. I don’t know when it will be out but I hope it will be release soon.

Now, my life is more busier, so I will stay low active on my blog. Don’t worry, I will blog whenever I feel like I got something to share. I will spend most of my time gaming, semi-active in videos. As I said, I will never upload random videos just to make my video count to reach 100.

I will stop my words for now. Have a great life, Happy Mapling, and don’t forget to eat; =P



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Difference between Rage, Power Up Drink and Chicken Soup

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment

One day I was at Crimsonwood Keep PQ. And one person said that his range increases more with Chicken Soup than Rage.

So, I decided to make an investigation. Rage, Power Up Drink and Chicken Soup.

Rage – Fighter skill, +20WA.

Power Up Drink – Potion, +25WA

Chicken Soup? It’s mystery. Not until I’ve found out the answer. The description said: Incrases 20 Weapon Attack. This is false. The truth?

The REAL Identity of the Chicken Soup

This is the video I made. Compare my range after I used Chicken Soup and the Picture below.

This picture is taken during Ani raid. I didn’t use Maple Warrior so that I can compare my range.

The conclusion

Chicken Soup = 30WA.

Hope that this investigation helps out everyone who has problems between which is better.

So, the other 2 better potions are Witch Special Stew (40WA) And Onyx Apple (100WA). Nothing can go higher than that except for Pocky Chocolate (140WA) which had just been removed permanently from MapleSEA.

PvP Champion. Maybe so?

January 7, 2012 Leave a comment

The massive 1.5x and 2x EXP events are over. Nowadays, PvP Heat is up. Most people go to PvP to train instead of Lionheart Castle. I, myself also challenge myself to be the PvP Master! Not really, nobody can know who is the top in the world.

Attempt 1

Starting in the room with 4 people. Starting to own people in this game, I became the Champion.

Attempt 2

For this attempt, I enter the room late. The champion in the game currently already have few hundred scores. It’s hard for me to chase up. In the end, I became the first-runner up in the game.

Attempt 3

Entering the room late again, in this room. There are 2 Dual Blades, a Battle Mage and a level 200 Dark Knight (Well, the main threats). It’s not really hard to defeat them because I can reflect damages. Maybe considered as cheating? Not hacking.

My secret

In my previous PvP Post, I already explained the Heroes’ secret. But that is just some little part. This time, I will explain about me, flyknight2. My secret, my strategy, not really considered secret/strategy. Maybe it’s just that, plans, equipments, skills.

1) HP Booster

Wondering what’s this? In PvP, your normal attacks on mobs are useless. For example, if you can hit max damage on bosses, you cannot make instant deaths to players. Unless you are a hacker.

So, in PvP, I use all my HP equipments instead of STR Boosts, for example: I change my medal from 2011 Legendary Artifact Hunter (0HP) -> Master Explorer (200HP)

2) Speed equipments

Other than HP, I also use Speed Equipments. For example: I changed Scarlion Helmet (10 speed) -> Ravana Helmet (18 speed). Not just walking speed, attacking speed is also important. So, I changed from 2H sword to a 1H sword.

3) Ambition level

With level 40 Ambition, I can get an extra 4 Battle Mode Attack. I wonder if it is useful or not but I believe it do help in increasing attack power in PvP.

4) Larson’s Challenger Ring

Helps a little bit, boosts only 1 Battle Mode Attack. When stacked up with Ambition level, it is a total of 5 Battle Mode Attack.

5) Attack + Defense up Buff

Let me tell my own skills first.

Rage – Boosts 5 Battle Mode Attack. This means I have a total of 10 Battle Mode Attack. It’s a high boost.

Power Guard – Reflects 30% of enemies’ attack.

Sometimes, I loot the buffs on the ground. The Power Up Buff boosts 200 Battle Mode Attack. It’s a deadly buff to other players.

6) Coincidence

Don’t you think that I defeat the people that I aimed. WRONG! I cannot aim too much people at 1 time. So, some defeats are just coincidences.

a) Coincidence 1 – Power guard

Sometimes, when another character with a low HP attacks me, he dies. This is because my Power Guard is doing the work. It reflects 30% and this kills him/her.

b) Coincidence 2 – Power up Buff

When I loot a power up buff on the ground, my power will boost a lot. When my combo orb is full, it’s even deadly. Using a few numbers of Intrepid Slash with Power Up Buff can defeat another person fast and efficient.

When using Panic with Power Up Buff, there is a chance that I can Instant Death somebody but the Panic must accurately hit the person.

c) Coincidence 3 – KS

Sometimes when I attack a character, he/she dies immediately because he/she was fighting and survived but left a few HP.

Other things from me

1) I don’t mind if a Dual Blade takes the Power Up Buff. Because when he/she uses Chains of Hell, they end up getting reflected a lot from me. 20X 30% damage reflected.

2) Dual Blades are very powerful but easy to defeat.

3) I hate Arch Mages. Both Ice/Lightning and Fire/Poison. The Ice/Lightning can use freeze and Chain Lightning is very painful. Mostly it deals “Excellent” damage. For the Fire/Poison, he/she can cast Paralyze which slows down people A LOT and the damage is painful.

4) When blinded, I use the minimap to see my actions. I don’t care who I fight and what is on the ground. Just fight until I die.

– Yellow: Myself

– Red: Other people

– Blue: Your buddy/Guildmate

– Star: When a champion is having Champion Defense.

5) I don’t really like to bully those that picked up Monster Transform. It’s very unfair to them.

6) The 3 main jobs I’m scared is Paladin, Battle Mage and Hero. Although I’m also a Hero myself, I’m afraid of the others.

7) I’m not a guarantee champion, know this.

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2012 Resolution

January 2, 2012 4 comments

Happy new year 2012!! This year, I have quite a few numbers of target to achieve. I will list and share it out here, in my blog.

1) Level 200

I am now level 171 and that means I have 29 more levels to go. In 2012, I hope that I will have the time and chance to reach level 200. Since it’s January now, I have lesser time to play because school is starting and I will have more school work to do.

2) FinnixOrder Revolution

It had been months now since I stopped FinnixOrder Revolution 3. It’s still in progress and since I put more effort in gaming, the progress is slower. I will try to finish the whole series in this year. Maybe before May I will finish everything then I will stop animating. Well, maybe I will animate again for special days or celebrations.

It has been 5 months now. I will try to finish episode 3 within January or February.

3) 10k views

  For the past months since May 2011, my blog views is 3727 until today. It is higher than what I expected, I hope that by the end of the year, it will be at least 10,000 views.

4) 100th video

This is my Banditkillz Video Manager page. Now I have 59 videos uploaded (including the old ones), I will try to make my 100th video and I hope that the 100th video will be a very exciting one.

Of course, I will not upload random short videos up to Youtube just to increase the quantity of videos I got.

5) More Boss Runs

Just before or when I reach level 200, I will try to attempt more boss runs (not solo), HornTail, Chaos HornTail, Chaos Zakum, Pink Bean? Empress Cygnus? Von Leon? Maybe, most of them will be pro but I hope that I have the ability to take them down with other people.

One thing for sure is that I will never overpower myself, this is just a waste of investment of money. I’m not a rich person.

6) Legends

The Legend update will be out after Jump. No official date is announced yet but it will be out within 2012.

3 new classes – Cannoneer, Mercedes and Demon Slayer.

I will skip Cannoneer class because it is less fun than Mercedes and Demon Slayer. I will play Mercedes just to try it out and make Demon Slayer my second main character. I will level both of them to level 100. At least.

Ending wishes

I hope that the above 6 resolutions will come true. But, as the Chinese saying: “There is no free lunch in this world”. It sorta means that nothing is free, you have to work hard on it.

To achieve those target, I need plannings, I need time. Hope that, I can finish all of them.

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