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flyknight2 level 170 Challenge – Zakum

December 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Upon reaching level 170, I decided to solo Zakum. It take me a few tries to study, observe and think of a strategy. But still, it’s not a very good result.

First Attempt

Well, nobody’s first attempt turned out to be a great result, right? On this attempt, I didn’t learn a lot of strategy to take down Zakum. So, I died in the second body by lagging.

Partying attempt

This attempt is just a coincidence. One day, my friend and I went to Zakum with other 4 people found randomly around El Nath. The 6 man party turned out to be 4-man-only because 2 members have no enough time to enter Zakum’s door before it is closed.

So, after entering, 1 member died because of lagness. After defeating the arms, 1 member logs off the game. Now, the party only have 2 member remaining. On the second body (with 50% hp), the other member (my friend) died and he needs to log off the game. So, I continued to take down the rest of Zakum. The total duration taken to finish second body (with 50% hp) and third body is 14 minutes.

Successful attempt

So I watched this video, level 200 Hero from Aquila. He’s overpower like hell. He can deal a lot of damages to bosses. I watched this video as a reference. I sorta copied his strategy but I found it not so effective.

Time to do it myself

“I’m going after Zakum myself.” said flyknight2. So, I boosted lots of potions for the run (Power Up Drink + Strength Potion 4) to increase my attack range. But still it’s not enough.

Taking it down – Arms (Part 1 of the video)

Starting off with 8 arms. It takes me more than 20 minutes to finish all 8 arms. The arm with the most problem with is the one on the top right.

Referring the video, you can see that I’m attacking the right. Actually, I’m also attacking the cursing arm. After downing it, I take down the arm at the right because that arm casts Defense Up buffs. Then, I go to the left again to take down the attacking arms then finish the rest.

The battle continues – Body 1 (Part 2 of the video)

Truthfully, I hate Body 1 more than Body 2 and Body 3. Try to observe from the video, I turned off Power Guard. Why? The Boogies that are summoned by Zakum will cast stun once they are hit. Power Guard reflects damages and make the monsters follow or attack you. This includes casting buffs.

Other than that, in body 1, the monsters summoned by Zakum is very low. Not in max capacity. Even if they are summoned in max capacity, most of them will be Boogies.

It’s getting hotter – Body 2 and Body 3 (Part 2 and part 3 of the video)

It keeps getting more exciting as I reach body 2 and body 3. Once the monsters are summoned at max capacity, I can tank the summoned Monster’s weak damage. Their damage are only 1, when I’m tanking those 1 damages, I can avoid the 1 1 attack, stun attack and Seal attack at a high chance. It fails sometimes though.

Oh, I used 46 minutes to finish all. It might be a great start.

My Strategy

1) Magic Crash

For mostly everyone knows, Magic Crash is an important skill to block the buffs cast by bosses. Zakum didn’t make any exception. When a Magic Crash successes, I can continue to use 30 seconds to attack Zakum. If failed, 30 second is wasted.

2) Magic Crash strategy – “Distraction”

So, Magic Crash has a 1 minute cooldown. This is not enough to block Zakum twice. So, I made this strategy called “distraction”

How do I use the “distraction”? Refer part 2 and part 3 of the video again. You can notice that I kill those noob monsters sometime. This is to delay the time for Zakum to cast its buff. When it summons, a few seconds will be used and my Magic Crash’s cooldown has a high probability to finish.


I would need more power from equipments to take down Zakum with a faster time. But the problem is I’m not THAT rich. I don’t buy Cash frequently.

So, the next time. Maybe, level 175? I think so.

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flyknight2 level 170 Challenge – Scarlion + Targa

December 30, 2011 Leave a comment


After 10 levels, I’m back to solo Scarlion again. This time, I didn’t use the Power Up Drink. This time, I used Strength Potion 4 (+12STR)

The duration is about 25minutes.


After defeating Scarlion, I continued with Targa without repots. Targa is really fun when it attacks left, I just follow it and spam my Intrepid Slash.

The duration is very close to Scarlion, I also estimated that I take 25 minutes to down.

Next time

Level 175? Maybe. I will just be back, more powerful, more strategy.

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Empress Cygnus????

December 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Quest: Cygnus Garden

Upon reaching level 170, there will be a pop-out quest named “Cygnus Garden”. Cygnus Garden is the map where Empress Cygnus is.

Part 1 – Cygnus Garden

This is the first part of the quest. The only way to finish it is to walk to Cygnus Garden. Well, tanking damages is the problem in this quest. Once you press UP on the portal to Cygnus Garden, report in to Chief Alex to finish the quest.

Part 2 – A Key?

Chief Alex continues the Chain Quest. Just talk to Ex-Chief Stan and this is done.

Part 3 – Dream Key

All Ex-Chief Stan tells you to do is talk to Jay.

Part 4 – Alex’s Promise + Making Dream Key

Jay said: In order to get the Dream Key (Core for Empress Cygnus). Get 1 etc. drop from the elemental spirits (Dawn, Blaze, Wind, Night and Thunder) at the Hollowed Ground near Knight District 2. These 5 mobs are not hard to down, they are like normal mobs except they have the highest levels around.

Level Range: Level 169 (Dawn) -177 (Thunder)

The drop from Thunder is not in the etc. Inventory but in the Use inventory. When you have 4 other etc. drops, click on it to make the Dream Key.

Quest: Stop Cygnus!!

The hardest quest in the world. Chief Alex asks you to defeat Empress Cygnus. This is the hardest task ever.

I will never have the chance to enter the Cygnus Garden and defeat Empress Cygnus. Never…….

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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2011 Leave a comment

If you think that I would celebrate Christmas without anything. You are WRONG.

Well, I will skip my stories in Maple World today.

So, I’ve finished animating my Christmas special video which was started last week. It features randomness and it’s not a very good comedy. Just accept it anyway.

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Pink Bean????

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Quest: Road to Oblivion

So, if you tuned in to my Youtube channel, you probably know that I’ve defeated Lyka and completed the quest.

After that, the quest continues. I hate this quest because I have to WALK to the Road of Oblivion 4. 4!!!!! It’s SO FAR AWAY!!!! Well, I found the Time Recorder already.

Oh great. This wastes my time, I just find him then I’m done with the quest. Well, I went back to find Temple Manager for the last quest.

Subquest: Force Field

This is the REAL final quest in the Temple of Time. This may be the hardest quest of all the quests available. It requires 10 Smiling, Expressionless and Sad Cone Hats each, 1 Whale Headgear (Dodo), 1 Protector Horn (Lyka) and another one from Lilynouch. Well, I’ve already collected them all.

I receive this Chaos Crystal from the quest. It is the core for Pink Bean. With it, I can enter the Pink Bean map.

Quest: Beyond the Ruins

Nothing much on this, only 1 thing I can say: Defeat Pink Bean and get over with it.

Will I get the chance to take down Pink Bean??????

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Krexel Solo 1

December 17, 2011 Leave a comment

This is my first Krexel solo.

I missed 1.5x EXP events and I logged in the game after 10.30. It would be boring to train at Lionheart Castle so instead I went to fight Krexel alone. This is just a test for myself.

I have no more strategies or introductions to do again about Krexel because I’ve already done it in my previous Krexel post.

Well, only these things are new. My Stance is only level 10 and I hate it when it fails because I have to walk again and this wastes a little bit of time. Second thing is that when it’s HP reach 50% (For second body), it will summon a bunch of Bacals for 1 time only.

This time, I used a new potion. Strength Potion II, it boosts up 12 STR. But I still hope that I have the Strength Boost Potion which adds 40 STR for 2 hours. It’s awesome.

It takes me about 35 minutes to down Krexel alone. That’s a little bit slow. This maybe because that it has too much HP. 500 million to be the exact.

For the run, I only used 63 Pure Waters (800MP potion). No other potions are used, I expect I would use more than 100 Pure Waters but instead I used less than the estimated value.


The good thing about solo is that you get the opportunity to loot all the items on the floor. Well, for Krexel, it drops out few sacks of 10k+ Mesos and Potions.

A Mastery Book dropped out on this run, it’s a Mana Reflection 30. The Union Key drops out again and I still don’t have any clue to know what is its use.

I will come back again on level 170 and after the release of Ascension/Jump in MapleSEA. I would be sure that I could down it within 30 minutes in the future.

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Meeting with the GMs

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I was in the middle of my shopping and someone in me ally said: OMG! GM…..bla bla bla!!!! I went to check it out and it was real. It’s GMBFyxon at FM there, slacking and having fun with the players there. When I went in, she is using her Giant Potion.

She looked like Minnie Mouse. F3. Well, everyone take screenshots with her.

I also brought my Giant Potion to play. I recorded it. It wasn’t so fun though.

Sooner and sooner, GMBVenshi came in and join the party. According to him/her, he/she said the he/she is a boy-girl. Mixed together. o.O.

The both of them gave us free buffs and emotions. All the buffs have a 15 minutes duration. Unfortunately, they didn’t show off their Dragon Roar. T_T

GM has a special emotion giving aura, when standing there, random emotions will come out.

Then, GMBFyxon off the game, GMBVenshi followed her after giving a free weather buff that gives 30 WA/MA.

In overall, there are a lot of pictures taken at that time so I have to make an album here. Do check them out ya~

I don’t think there is another chance in meeting them again.

Maybe, they will just come back?

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