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Giant Potion

November 30, 2011 Leave a comment

For most of you know that the Giant Potion is an expensive and fun potion to play with. It costs 30M mesos in the Free Market but I can make my own.

Giant Potion requires level 4 in Alchemy and lots of items. So it will take my time. To tell the truth, I got the recipe in Leafre when i was away from keyboard (AFK). Then when I came back, 4 Giant Potion recipes appear. Awesome right?

Here’s the main point, I’ve made 3 Giant Potion and decided to sell 2 to earn back the money I lost. The other one, well, I used for my own fun.

The Giant Potion boosts about 1000% normal attack. Once you use it, your buffs will disappear and you can only use normal attacks. I recorded a video about it.

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Chaos: Ice Knight

November 25, 2011 Leave a comment

The last part of Chaos update. The patch takes a long duration of 13 hours and there are 2 Minor Patches to be done. Purpose of the Minor Patch is to fix bugs.

Image Captcha Verification

I think this is used to stop botters from entering the game. It’s a little bit troublesome as you have to type it every time you enter the channel.

Minimap Revamp

The minimap has a new look. It’s way like other games but I hate it a lot. It’s hard to identify between NPCs, you, friends, parties, guilds and so on.

Battle EXP and Battle Points reset (Fixed)

On the last patch, Battle EXP and Battle Points will reset. It’s a bug and it has been fixed now. So getting Gallant Emblems and ranking up in PvP mode is easier.

New PvP Mode: Ice Knight

The 3rd mode of PvP system is the Ice Knight. It requires a minimum of 10 players to enter. 1 of the players will become the Ice Knight.

When you enter the room, your IGN, guild and Medal will become hidden. Your name will also become ???. When 10 players entered the room and the game starts, your name will appear again but you will never know who is the Ice Knight because the Ice Knight himself has the name “Ice Knight”.

In this game, there are 2 teams, Ice Knight and Challenger. The Ice Knight’s mission is to survive until the end of the game to win (This is hard) whereas the Challengers have to defeat the Ice Knight within 7 minutes to win.

Ice Knight

The Ice Knight is a one-man team. He has a very high amount of HP, high attack and high defense. It’s just like a boss except that he is also a player. The Ice Knight cannot use potions.

1) Power of the Ice Knight

The Ice Knight has a lot of skills to use. But all of them must be charged. In order to charge, the Ice Knight has to use his normal attack. The gauge is at the right side of the screen. Once the gauge is enough, certain skills can be used. Just like Aran, the control and skill name will be given.

Ice Knight skills will be displayed in the beginner section of the Skill Window.

The Ice Knight has a certain skills. They are:

  • Double Jump (Jump + Jump) – Can jump twice just like Wild Hunter except it has a cooldown effect.
  • Ice Chop (Down + Attack) – Short ranged attack. Not very powerful. Requires a little bit of Ice Energy.
  • Ice Smash (Up + Up + Attack) – Longed ranged attack with a high damage. Requires 1 bar.
  • Ice Tempest (Down + Left/Right + Attack) – Short AoE effect skill, attacks 3 times with a high damage. Requires 2 bar.
  • Ice Curse (Down + Up + Attack) – Transforms other players nearby into snails. In the meantime, they can’t attack. It also has a dispel effect. Requires 3 bars or fully charged bar.


Everyone work as a team/Party to defeat the Ice Knight. You can deal stun, darkness attacks and others to the Ice Knight. Only Challengers can get the potions on the ground. Challengers has the higher chance to win the game.

1) Challengers’ Potion

In Ice Knight mode, only HP and MP potions will drop. Either for self or for the whole party. Self-use potions recovers 50% of HP/HP instead of 30%. Party potions recovers 20% of HP/MP.

New PvP mode: Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag mode is created in GMS, then KMS get it from GMS and now MapleSEA copies it.

This mode is limited in time and will expire on February 2012.

Capture the Flag is just like Team Match but the objective is to capture 3 flags before the opposing party to win. In this mode, you will become either Maple Red or Maple Blue, just like Team Match.

When you got the flag, the opposing party will try to defeat you to drop the flag you captured. It’s a funny thing that opposing parties do not defend their own base, instead they go to the other side of the map to defeat the person who captures the flag.

Capture the Flag ends very fast because capturing 3 flags ends the game.

Capturing a Flag

At start, I also don’t know how to capture a flag. So this is what you should do:

  1. Go to the opposite side and use Pick-Up (Z) to capture the flag.
  2. Return to your base
  3. In order to drop the flag, your own flag must be at your base. To do so, the other team that captured your flag must be defeated and the dropped flag must be looted by your party.

Ardentmill updates

Every item sold in Ardentmill is given a discount for almost 50% or whatsoever. Now, purchasing recipes and items in Ardentmill is cheaper. For example: Basic Abrasive is now 10k mesos instead of 20k.

Profession skills and others remain the same. Nothing has changed.

Another Major Patch problem

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

For the Ice Knight patch on 23 November.  The original schedule is from 9a.m. to 3p.m. but it turned out to be a long wait.

The technicians always have to make this mistake. Since the Von Leon patch, server checks and patches are always very long, the time is never accurate, it keeps extending. This happened last time during the Technological Age and Super Fight patch.

The last part said that it ends on 12a.m. on 24 November. The info in MapleStorySEA’s Facebook page said that the game resumed its service on 10.10p.m. It’s still long anyways. The total duration is 13 hours. It is more than half a day. Even Big Bang patch didn’t take this time.

I hoped that the technicians will work better on the next patch (Jump) and the followings.

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flyknight2’s level 160 Challenge 1 – Scarlion boss solo

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment

The first challenge for me at level 160 is to solo Scarlion boss and record the time taken to down it.

I boosted a lot of potions and buffs to fasten up the bossing process.

1) Power Up Drink – Boosts 25 Attack, 5 attack better than Rage.

2) Strength Potion II – Boosts 6 Str.

3) Dexterity Potion II – Boosts 6 Dex.

4) Defense Potion II – To tell the truth, I use this for fun since I’ve made it with Alchemy. Extra 90 Magic Defense.

5) Enrage – A Hero skill used during boss run. Boosts up attack by 60%.

Others are commonly known.

I used up 7 minutes for the first body, 10 minutes for the second body and 20 minutes for the third body. The total is 37 minutes.  It’s a very long progress even when I used up lots of potions.

I have the skill Magic Crash, one of the most important skills to fight bosses. With it, I can cancel Scarlion to use its “Cancel Weapon Attack” buff. But the cooldown of the skill is 1 minute and it will use the buff again within 1 minute (Maybe 50-59 seconds).

I forgot to take down the picture of the drops.  The drops are not much, 1 helmet, mesos, ETC drop, Sunrise dews, Reindeer milks, a useless DEF scroll and Scroll for Overall Armor for DEX 60%.

Oh well, it’s a good experience for me. The next time when I fight it is when I get my Mark of Naricain pendant and the Tenacious Royal Pauldron. With these pro equipments, I can down Scarlion faster. But the problem is that I don’t know when I will get them.

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The Gate to the Future

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment


The Gate to the Future is opened to all characters that are level 160 or above. Once you reach level 160, you will receive the quest Rumor.

Quest: The Rumor

A pop-out will appear once you reach level 160. Cassandra will tell you to find Temple Manager at Three Doors in the Temple of Time.

Temple Manager wants an All-Cure Potion. Just one. Then the quest is finished.

When you have done the quest. Then you can go to the Gate to the Future.

The Gate to the Future

The first door from the left is the Gate to the Future. The area includes 2 places, they are Dark Ereve and Destroyed Town (Henesys).

There are 3 portals in the map. The left portal leads to Dark Ereve. The middle sends you back to Three Doors and the right sends you to Destroyed Town.

Make sure your buffs are on when you enter the left because the first map has a mob there.

When you enter Destroyed Town, a storyline will appear. Athena Pierce explains everything.

The Black Mage turned the Cygnus Knights into puppets. Making them lose their divine powers. This causes Ereve to fell down to Victoria Island. Then, Henesys is destroyed……..

Destroyed Town

Henesys in the future is destroyed? WHY???!!!! The Cygnus Knights destroyed Henesys when they are controlled by the Black Mage. Now, citizens of Henesys live in fear, running away from the Cygnus Knights.

Introducing the NPCs

1) Alex – From a runaway boy to the chief of Henesys. Replacing his father Stan.

2) Big Hedward – Still loves his hair in the future. Became a guardian of Henesys in case of any attacks from the Cygnus Knights.

3) Chief Stan – Died in the future. His soul is stuck on Maple World. Poor guy, he can’t die in peace.

4) Maya – Sells potions to people. She still looks the same.

5) Jay – From a bookworm to a Magician. Another guardian of Henesys.

6) Athena Pierce – No physical changes happened to her. Well, she’s a fairy anyway. She won’t die.

7) Camila – Utah’s wife in the future. Worrying about something as always.

8) Utah – Evan’s brother, Camila’s wife. Thinking of something…..

 9) Rina – Grew old and fell sick.

10) Anne – Little girl of Henesys grew up. Became an Archer and helps protecting Maple World.

Dark Ereve

Linked to Henesys as it falls down to Victoria Island. Outer part only contain mutated birds but Knights’ Stronghold is where all the mighty ones are.

Introducing the Monsters (Sorted by level)

1) Mutant Snail

-Level: 162

-HP: 350,000

-EXP: 6463

-Abilities: Slows at first then it uses a long-ranged whip-like attack.

2) Mutant Tino

-Level: 163

-HP: 360,000

-EXP: 6624

-Abilities: Boosts up it’s own (and other mobs) attack then uses a Shockwave-like attack

3) Mutant Orange Mushroom

-Level: 164

-HP: 370,000

-EXP: 6783

-Abilities: Stuns people at first then blows a bubble-like attack

4) Mutant Tiru

-Level: 165

-HP: 380,000

-EXP: 6942

-Abilities: Have 2 attacks. One of them pushes people away.

5) Mutant Slime

-Level: 166

-HP: 390,000

-EXP: 7099

-Abilities: Boosts its own attacks at first then uses spikes on it’s body as attack.

6) Mutant Tiguru

-Level: 167

-HP: 400,000

-EXP: 7256

-Abilities: Same as Mutant Tiru

7) Mutant Ribbon Pig

-Level: 168

-HP: 410,000

-EXP: 7412

-Abilities: Has 2 attacks. One is howling and other is super fast punches.

8) Official Knight A

-Level: 168

-HP: 410,000

-EXP: 7412

-Abilities: Only throws stars.

Most of the powerful monsters are inside the Knight Stronghold and requires more level and quests to enter. This is all for now.

Making the Tenacious Royal Pauldron 1

November 21, 2011 2 comments

Part 1 – Plannings

Level 120 Shoulder Decoration item. It can be used by all classes but more suitable on warriors because it has extra +9 STR effect.

The Tenacious Royal Pauldron is the best Shoulder Decoration equipment I can find. There is another one that is level 130 but I don’t know where to find the recipe.

Making it will take me lots of time. My level of Accessory Crafting and my materials are insufficient. If I make it now, it would be a sure failure.

Seal Skin

There is not a single problem in getting these. I can go to Aqua Road anytime to collect it. I will collect these as the last materials because they are the easiest to get.

Advanced Abrasive

This is also not a problem for me. Since I only need 1 of these, I can just buy it with 200k Mesos from Nack in Ardentmill.

Dark Crystal

I had enough Dark Crystal Ores just to make 4 of them. 6 Ores are required to make 1 Crystal. That means I need only 24 Dark Crystal Ores. I currently have 71 of them. I collected them for a long time now, way before Big Bang Patch.

Gallant Emblems

Getting Gallant Emblems will take me time. I currently have 20 Gallant Emblems that means I still have 14 more to go. I must get 2,500 BP to exchange for 7 Gallant Emblems. I just repeat the process 2 times then I’m done.

Advanced Item Crystal

Might be the hardest to get. Only obtainable by extracting equipments with Alchemy.

Alchemy Support

To make the Tenacious Royal Pouldron. I needed 8 Advanced Item Crystals. To do so, I have to learn Alchemy. But since that 1 character can only learn up to 2 professions/1 combination. I have to use FlySoulNight again.

Equipment Extraction

So how to make an Item Crystal? It’s simple. Use some equipments and it will be done. Only Alchemist can extract equipments.

For Advanced Item Crystal, I need to extract level 100 equipments. It would be an insane decision to use a Dragon/Reverse/Timeless equipment that worth a lot of money.

1 or 2 item crystals will be obtained when extract an equipment. Sometimes a higher leveled crystal will be obtainable. For example, I will get a Superior Item Crystal when I extract a Sparta. Might be a good thing, also might be a bad thing.

With all of these planning and calculations. I hope I can get Tenacious Royal Pauldron as fast as possible. It will increase my attack a lot.

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Gate to the Future – Coming soon

November 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Insufficient level

The gate to the Future map has been released since 9 November 2011. I still can’t visit because my level is not enough. But I will be able to visit soon because I have 1 more level left to level 160.

I will try to reach level 160 ASAP and visit The Gate to the Future. Which is Destroyed Town and Dark Ereve. I will also post it soon I visited the area.

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