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October 29, 2011 Leave a comment

MapleSEA got the screenshot system screwed up again. Well, here is my story.

First of all, NEVER and I say NEVER go try solo a Scarlion boss if you’re not pro enough. It takes a lot of time and potions.

Okay, today went to a Scarlion run organised by my cousin. He brought some Helmers and I am the only attacker for 3rd body >.<. Well, it wasn’t so bad. I used more than 300 reindeer milks (600+ available before) which I wanted to burn it away because my Use Inventory is full.

In the end, 2 helmets dropped. I get everything except for helmet. No mastery books, all useless scrolls (threw all away) and also useless potions.

Well, there is an SP reset event coming soon and I need to reset my skills to become more powerful. When that day comes. I will be back to fight Scarlion again with less problems.

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Adventure of FlySoulNight – Finale

October 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Okay. I leveled way slower than my calculations because I’m bored of killing the same mobs everyday. So, I went to Lionheart Castle to train because it offers higher EXP points.

By training 2 hours from level 118. I managed to reach level 120 earlier.

Level 120 quest

The 4th job advancement for Cygnus Knights is hard. Waste of time, requires lots of patience.

At the beginning, the quest Chasing Knight’s Target is receive. Then, you have to talk to Jade in El Nath. Hunt a Black Scale from Coolie Zombie. It’s not that hard to drop only that the mobs are 12 levels higher than you.

Skip to the end where I’ve done. I found Nix in Leafre.

It told me to kill Manon and Griffey. It’s not hard. It’s just that, they are hardly found because they only spawn once in a while and most people had already killed them.

In the end, to save my time. I gave up the quest.

Empress Blessing

By leveling FlySoulNight to level 120. I can max the skill Empress Blessing. It gives 24 extra weapon and magic attack. That’s a high amount.

When compared to Blessing of Fairy, Empress Blessing is better because the requirement is 5 Cygnus Knight level to up 1 skill point.

If it’s Blessing of Fairy, the requirement is 10 levels of any character to up 1 skill point. The max level for other characters is 200. So, the max is only level 20. Empress Blessing can go beyond.

Well, the main reason I opened FlySoulNight is for Empress Blessing. Not for creating an Ultimate Adventurer. Now, my focus is less. My time is more.

I hereby stop FlySoulNight unless for any other reason.

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Dual Blade: Part 2

October 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Dual Blade is a hard-to-build job. It involves high calculation, high understanding. And because of that, I have most skills added wrongly. But that is not a problem.

Blade Lord

III+ Advancement is the Blade Lord. Which is advanced upon reaching level 70. It’s easier than way before Chaos Update. Dual Blades are simply tough.

Once advancing into III+. Dual Blades are way more fun than ever. There are a lot of skills to be mixed together. For example: My favourite mix is Upper Stab + Flying Assaulter + Bloody Storm. But this required practise and skill levels.

I’m finished with Chaos Warrior Challenge

After 1 week of the Chaos update. I reached level 80. It’s quite a slow process. Well, this is because I have too much character to care for.

The Blood Mask has sucessfully transferred to flyknight2 and I have done with Dual Blades for now.

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Chaos: Dual Blade – Events and others

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Chaos is here. Since I played a Dual Blade. I will overview the events and updates of Dual Blade.

Event: Dual Blades Only!

New created Dual Blade character can get 4 Mastery Book that passes at a 100% rate. But the Mastery Books have a limited time only.


Chaos Warrior Challenge

flyknight2 is in desperate for equipments. This event helps me. For new created Dual Blade Character, the task is reach level 80.

The reward is a Blood Mask which can be transferred to any character on the same account ONCE.


The proness of Dual Blade

Dual Blade is way powerful than I expected it to be. Let me give an example in Monster Carnival. Even by solo, the CP can reach almost 2k. Actually can reach 2k but the opposing party summons slower.

NOTE: Now, the level 52 in the picture above is not hack nor glitch. I went in this round on level 50 with 94% EXP. Then, with a lot of EXP buffs or watevers, I reached level 52 easily.

More coming soon!

Chaos: Return of The Hero

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s Chaos! Sorry for the late updates. Actually, Return of The Hero is really means the return of Aran, Evan and Dual Blade after blocking from creating them.

The first part of Chaos patch, mainly is skill balancing. The most affected job is Mechanic as all the skills become weaker and cooldowns become longer than usual.

The Heroes had returned, faster and stronger than ever!

Adventures of FlySoulNight – Level 110

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

It is not easy to reach level 110, well, for people who usually trained slowly like me.

How to level up faster? There are a lot of ways. One of it is by patience, that is me.

Well, there is something between levelling in a same map. I also went to Captain Latanica runs as they offer a nice EXP. If I keep sticking to 1 map, I would bored to death…..

Advanced Combo

A Soul Master that reaches level 110 can get the Advanced Combo skill (I believe everyone knows that). Well, the quest is easy. The thing that makes it hard is it takes time to travel.

Fighting Griffey (fake version) is not easy. It has lower HP and attack but has the same ability as the real one.

The battle ends fast. Well, by saving enough skill points. I can directly max Advanced Combo.

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The Warriors’ Union

October 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Yup, it’s another level up again for FlySoulNight……In the end, reached level 106 which leaves to 14 more levels.

This makes Empress Blessing level 21. Leaving 3 more levels to level 24.

Well, time for another story.

It took me 1 month to level flyknight2. Why? Because my main focus now is on FlySoulNight. But today, I trained.

The leveling process is quite slow. But with patience I managed to reach level 150.

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