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Chaos is coming

September 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Chaos is coming to MapleSEA on October. Till then, I will quit blogging for a few weeks. See you then.

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Journey for another 2 levels

September 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Level 148

Thanks to 1.5X EXP on 5 September. I can reach level 148 faster than I expected it will be.

Enrage 30

For this level, I added my Enrage until level 15 and needs to be Mastered to level 30. I’ve already prepared a Mastery Book [Enrage 30] for months.

Guess what? It fails. This happens everytime I use a level 30 Mastery Book for the first time. I don’t know why I must fail using it.


Journey to level 149

Thanks to the 1.5X EXP Event on the week. I can add up my EXP points fastly. Everyday, I added my EXP slowly. With an average speed of 10% per day.

Enrage 30 (Part 2)

flyknight2 went shopping

I need to find a Mastery Book to add my Enrage skill to level 30. It’s not an easy book to find. I eventually found this book in the Free Market. It costs me much.

The same thing happened. It fails. Make me go Enrage ^_^.

-10 September 2011 (For this part)

Enrage 30 (Part 3)

Another day, another try. I went shopping again, this time, I found a cheaper Mastery Book in the Free Market.

This time, everything changed. I finally suceed in using the Mastery Book. I am so excited.


Skills done, level too

Well, the 1.5X EXP event is still on. I screwed up 2 days of 1.5X EXP event. Why? The first miss is because my modem is screwed for no reason. Second miss is because I am on that day.

This doesn’t pull me down. I still managed to train fast. Actually, not fast enough. But my calculations are accurate. I reached level 149 in time.

All these events happened in a week. My journey for the last 2 weeks are exciting. I managed to level 4 times in 2 weeks. This is a fast and rare progress for my type. I think there would be no more training this fast. I will still continue to level. As fast as I could.

-4 – 11 September 2011 (The whole journey)

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2 levels in 1 week

September 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Due to the Hari Raya holidays, I managed to level up 2 times on the week.

Level 146

Reached this level within a week after reaching level 145. It’s a fast progress for me.

The story behind (Main points)

At level 145, there are a lot of quests in the Temple of Time. I finished all of them on level 145 which is until killing Dodo. Those quests offers a lot of EXP and I can go to Memory Lane 5 to train.

At the night on 27 August, I reached 90% of the requirement to level. I went to 1 Papulatus attempt but it only gave me until 99%. The remaining 1% is added at Grim Phantom Watch.

Level 147

I lost the photo evidence due to some Fraps problems that I don’t know. Oh well, this proves I’m level 147 by the way.

The story behind

Thanks for the 1.5X EXP Event for the past 3 days. I finally reach this level on 31 August. Which is 4 days after reaching level 147. For this level, I only went to train at Chief Memory Guardian and went Papulatus for only a few times. It’s faster than I expected before.

I’m halfway there

Within 4 days from 31 August, I cannot up 1 more level due to some connection, gaming and time problems that I face.

In the end, I reached 83% of level 147 on 4 September. There are more 1.5x EXP event for this week. I will continue to reach level 149 at max by this week. My time is very limited. I have to face an important exam on early October. I also have to animate FinnixOrder Revolution sometime. It makes me busy, but most of the time is used on the game.

– 27 August, 31 August, 4 September

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The Unexpected Event – Golden Maple Leaf

September 4, 2011 2 comments

Welcome to the Maple Tree Hill. Donate Sunshines to Aramia and make the Maple Tree Grow. When it reached the full bar, it bursts and drops Maple Leaves and Golden Maple Leaves. Everyone has to compete for it.

Find Inkie of Henesys to receive a reward for collecting gold leaves.

2 ways to get gold leaves:

1) Get from competing in the Maple Tree Hill.

2) Exchange 1000 Maple Leaf for 1 Golden Maple Leaf. Get Maple Leaves from Portrait quest from Cassandra.

There are 3 things that can be traded.

1) Congrats from GM – 10 Gold Maple Leaves

2) Master Spirit Pact Pendant – 30 Gold Maple Leaves

3) Ultimate Spirit Pact Pendant – 50 Gold Maple Leaves

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Victorian Secret – The Snack Bar boss

September 3, 2011 2 comments

The Snack Bar Boss, the first from Maple Taiwan. And then used in Korean Maplestory for Mu Lung Training Centre. We know who it is, it’s like a Taiwan Night Market store but DEADLY.

In MapleSEA, there is a real Snack Bar boss in Victoria Island, it is in Sleepywood. Right around in the middle of the whole dungeon.

How do I find it? I was using my Mechanic character to hunt for dyes in Victorian dungeon. I met Snack Bar on the way. It is level 85. Way higher than Jr.Balrog. HP is high which is hard for low levels to down it.

It has 2 bodies, the first one is stationary and has higher HP to down. Once down, it transforms with hands and legs. It will attack you.

Well, I met this Mechanic when I went to CC1. He travelled 20 channels with me and killed all Snack Bars available. Sometimes, there is 2 Snack Bars at one time. One with body 1 (stationary) and one with body 2 (moving)

It’s laser attack can hit far range, almost until the end of the map. The only safe place is above it. It’s a threat to all people who trained at this map full of Dark Drakes.

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Unexpected events + Screenshot problems

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Maple anniversary event comes unexpectedly. It’s due to some technical issues from the GMs.

The first thing is the Portrait event, just pick up dyes from mobs and colour the sheet that Cassandra gave. The reward is 5 gift boxes which contains Maple Leaves.

With 1000 Maple leaves, you can change a Gold Maple Leaf from Cassandra to get cool stuffs from Inkie of Henesys but requires 10, 30 or 50 Gold Maple Leaves.

Maple Tree Hill

Cassandra will take you to the Maple Tree Hill. Same as always, give sunshines to the NPC Armi and wait for the tree to burst. When it bursts, a lot of Maple Leaves and Gold Maple leaves will drop. Everyone has to compete for it.

Screenshot problems

MapleSEA got the screenshot system screwed again. Everytime when you take a screenshot, the bottom has gaps and the right side is not complete. Here is an example from above.

The image on the top is original. The others are cropped to perfection. So, the best option to choose is using Fraps screenshot. It will not have any problems but the Image Format is in bmp.