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Floating Island of Chryse

August 20, 2011 2 comments

Located above Orbis, there lies the Floating Island of Chryse. A themeatic dungeon opened for all level 55-70 players. It is accessable from Ericsson of Orbis.

A lot of quests needed to be done before going in to fight Xerxes. And It’s a wastage of time to do all of them. But patience helps you a lot in this case.


The pet of Micheala, Xerxes, is the cause of the destruction of Chryse. It’s up to Maplers to defeat it and save Chryse.


FinnixOrder Revolution is done

August 19, 2011 Leave a comment

My original series – FinnixOrder Revolution is done on Friday, 19 August 2011.

The series is based on my opened (and closed) guild FinnixOrder. An adventure, a story for peace.

My animating sucks and I know that. Well, just watch it.

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Lionheart Castle

August 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Von Leon invades Maple World! Lionheart Castle is here at El Nath. It’s full of guards with millions of HP. Killing one alone takes a lot of time and potions.

Entering the Lionheart Castle

Lionheart Castle can be entered from the portal on the top left of Sharp Cliff 4 in El Nath.

Inside the Lionheart Castle

Similar to Mushroom Castle, the map goes from the left to the right. But includes different levels.

The first mob here is Crocky the Gatekeeper, although it’s only level 118. It’s HP is massively high. Took me 70-90 seconds to kill one.

All mobs are like bosses, they cannot be stunned, frozen, blinded, speed-up. Even instant death effect are useless.

Castle Tower Ani

Castle Tower Ani can be found on first, second and third tower roof with a key in your inventory. They can be obtained by quests from the locksmith at the first tower. They only spawns sometime.


Ani is avaiable once you receive a pop out from the NPC. The Ani is harder than the Castle Tower Ani in Lionheart Castle. It can cast seduce and there is a potion cooldown in the map. Good thing is, a lot of people can enter at one time and fight with you.

Von Leon

Von Leon expedition can be entered once a few quests is done. Von Leon is powerful, can cast damage reflect, summons a lot of mobs to heal himself, worst thing is there is a potion cooldown in the map.

Von Leon expedition can be entered once a day.

MapleSEA 1.07 patch updates (Excluding events)

August 17, 2011 Leave a comment

1) Lionheart Castle

Located somewhere around El Nath, there lies that Lionheart Castle which is available for everyone level 120 and above. The monsters have massive HP and there is Von Leon, the Lion King.

The new Von Leon equipments (level 120) can replace Reverse Equipments for their set effects and stats.


2) Floating Island of Chryse

Located above Orbis, there lies the Floating Island of Chryse. It was a peaceful and safe place for people but it’s facing problems. It’s up to explorers to solve the problem and save Chryse.

Chryse is full of kind giants. They asked explorer’s help to save them from Xerxes. The new boss in Chryse. Open for all players from level 55-70.


3) Cygnus

Cygnus Knights are back with new passive skills. Make them more powerful than ever.

The skill Cygnus Blessing replaces Blessing of the Fairy for Cygnus Knights. Cygnus Blessing +1 when a Cygnus Knight character ups 5 levels.

4) Ultimate Explorer

By playing a Cygnus Knight with level 120. An Ultimate Explorer character can be made. The character starts at level 50 with the job you desire. It can only be created once and required anoter level 120 Cygnus Knight to make another.

A special Cygnus Knight skill is given to the Ultimate Explorer. Depending on the character class.

Warriors – Mihail’s Soul Driver

Magicians – Oz’s Flame Gear

Thieves – Eckhrat’s Vampire

Archers – Irana’s Wind Piercing

Pirates – Hawkeye’s Shark Wave

5) Guild

Guild creation is more simpler than usual. Just find NPC Lea in most towns to go to guild creation office.

The price for creating a guild is revised to 100k mesos. Guild emblem is lowered to 500k mesos.

Guild points is now here. It can be added for some factors. Guild Skill is also available.

6) Character creation blocking

Aran, Evan and Dual Blade class is blocked from creating them for the preparing of Chaos.


7) Master Monsters

Master Monsters have quest available. Each party member +30% bonus EXP for killing Master Monsters.

Level 144 + Independance Day Event

August 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Thanks to the 1.5x EXP event help for the rollback that happened last week. I reached level 144 in just a week after reaching level 143.

On this level, I get the chance to add the skill Enrage.

The skill Enrage is only good in boss battles, not in training. It converts all skill to attack 1 mob only. Evidence is on the video below.

The Independance Day Event is simple. Just walk to NPC Joyce at Event Map and answer 5 quiz on Malaysia/Singapore history. Simple, get wrong, try again. It is repeatable every 6 hours.

I’m a Malaysian, so I would definately select Malaysia’s quiz. It’s easier for me.

I took a lot of attempts and I still can’t manage to get the Malaysia/Singapore Flag Glasses which offers 1 Weapon Attack.

Joyce is a liar. She said wonderful pair of sunglasses. But it came out something else instead.

A random level 30 weapon will be given mostly, sometimes maybe a Face Mask which gives random stats.

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Von Leon is coming

August 14, 2011 Leave a comment

After 1 month from the Mechanic patch, there is a new patch. The Lion King Von Leon is coming on 17 August 2011 (Wednesday).

Same as GMS, the Lion King Von Leon patch comes with Lionheart Castle, Floating Island of Chryse and Ultimate Adventurer/Cygnus Update. It will be a huge patch and more people will be playing.

Here is a small description about the patch.

Lionheart Castle

Lionheart Castle is here with the new boss Von Leon! Defeat the tower guard Ani first before fighting him. Beware, Von Leon is powerful, his soul is given to the Black Mage and the Black Mage gives him ultimate power for his revenge!

Floating Island of Chryse

The Island of Chryse is above Orbis for a lot of years. Now, it’s dangerous. It’s time for the Maplers to solve the mystery and bring peace back to Chryse by defeating Xerxes!


Empress Cygnus has power up her army. Giving them new powerful skills.

She also formed alliance with the Adventurers to be more powerful. They are named Ultimate Explorer. They born as level 50 with Cygnus’s power and blessing with them. Created with level 120 Cygnus Knight character.

With the new Empress Bless skill, now it’s only 5 level ups for 1 skill level. Bless of Fairy is 10 level ups for 1 skill level but it’s only available for Cygnus Knights. Other classes remains same, 10 level ups for 1 skill level. This means that a character can get a maximum of level 24 if having a Cygnus Knight character that is level 120.

Level 143

August 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Thanks to Singapore Independence Day with 1.5x EXP event for 2 hours in total. I finally reach level 143 faster than I expected.

It was only 3 days after I leveled on Saturday (6 August). It was the fastest progress I’ve ever made. I was excited to have this achievement.

For this level, I can finally max the skill Advanced Combo Attack to level 30. Making it 10 orbs instead of 9.

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