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FinnixOrder Revolution

June 23, 2011 Leave a comment

FinnixOrder Revolution is out. Watch it now!

This is a video made by me using Bannedstory.

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The longest Zakum run in Maplestory

June 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Went to Zakum, me, me 2 cousins, and other 4 people. Went in and fight smoothly. There are no level 200 for this run. Mostly, they wanted something from Zakum. I am the squad leader, the jobs available are Hero, 2 Bishops, 1 Dragon Knight, 1 Aran, 1 Shadower (dc) and 1 Night Lord.

Zakum has high defense. Making our attacks very low. My damage cannot reach 20k each using Intrepid Slash.

On the third run, a lot of people died and dc-ed. Starting, left this. It all happens on the third body, making it hard to finish killing Zakum.

In the end, left me and another Bishop. We can down it using about 10 minutes with 10% of hp left.

Only 1 core drops, that is Soul Stone for Evan class. The run took up total of 1 hour and 30 minutes. The longest run in history, the highest level, is the Bishop on the picture on top. I am the third highest level (137) in the party/expedition.

Need to train more to make Zakum easier.

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Zakum and Advanced Combo

June 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Went to Zakum today, another help from guild leader Ken again. He helped me to get my Advanced Combo core which I needed.

The road to Zakum is far and tough, the monsters are level 110+. Making the road hard.

Went for 2 runs, no Advanced Combo core dropped on the first but there is one on the second run. I am lucky, to join this guild, and disbanded FinnixOrder.

The guy in the Scarlion Helmet is me.

Finally got my Advanced Combo. I have an Advanced Combo 20 for a long time now, since November 2010 until now, I finally can use it. And it suceed.

My level is low, my skill points are low, so I can only add up until level 10. According to my calculations, I can max in on level 143 if I passed Advanced Combo 30.

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Scarlion and Potentials

June 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Starting with Scarlion. Went to Scarlion today organised by guildmate. I was one of the members in it. Starting there are only 3 attackers, me, another Hero and a Bishop. Then, the guild leader logged in and helped us. His damage can reach more than 200k. This makes the bossing progress easier.

Went for 2 runs, starting I screenshot some of the run, then recorded a video about it. I didn’t record nor screenshot the drops. But each dropped 2 helmets, some scrolls and potions.

Video is deleted for some reasons.

Got the Helmet at second run because there are only 2 in the first run and booked by other people.

Compared to before Big Bang, Scarlion is easier on the third body. The damage is lower than usual.

The stats of my Scarlion Helmet is great but is 1 STR lower than my Ravana Helmet. So I decided to buy an Advanced Potential Scroll for it. Spent 18million mesos and suceed in the scrolling. The stats, ARE USELESS.

Well, I received 3k Maple Points for playing my Resistance character to level 30. I bought 1 Miracle Cube with it, the remainder is 1.1k Maple point. I use it for my Reverse Nibelheim, the stat came out is worse than the last one. Compared, I lost 6 STR.

I calculated, the Cubes I need, are a lot, some might require more than 1. The cash I need is about a total of 9.5k Cash (If all Normal Miracle Cube) or more if I buy Advanced Miracle Cube.

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Wolf Spider Hackers

June 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Wanting to train at Wolf Spiders today but there are too much hackers. All 20 channels are full of them. I made a video. Here it is.

If I am a GM, I will work undercover as a normal player and ban those hacker secretly. =)

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XFlyBaMageX third job advancement

June 6, 2011 Leave a comment

After training for 11 days. I’ve finally reach level 70, for the first time, I can reach level 70 within a short time.

I made a video for it. All the details are in the video.

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A flyknight2’s Day

June 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, the new Edelstein map is here. And I only visited it today, to Verne Mine. Basicly, it needs 100k to buy the hat for the entrance. Verne Mine is from level 67-101. The spawn rates are fast.

Done some quests which spent me a lot of time to complete. In the Ore Muncher map, there is a lot of Evan hackers that use Vacuum hack and Earthquake to kill the mobs. This is something, when I surf, someone knows me. It’s an old friend from school. He is the guy with the Zakum Helmet below.

On night, went to Papulatus with another friend and it took less than 10 minutes for the run. Then, we went to buy Advanced Potential Scroll for only 15 million mesos. I used on my Reverse Nibelheim while he used on his Targa Helmet. We suceed. I was excited and scared before using it.

Bought the Premium Magnifying Glass. This stat came out, 12 Magic Attack which is useless and 6 str that is not bad. I need a cube for this. If I buy a cube, it will be a Premium Miracle Cube.

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