Big Bang

May 18, the official day for the all new Big Bang Patch in Maplesea. The server check takes 11 hours. From 7am-6pm. Luckily, I had school today so I don’t have to wait for the maintenance to be completed.

On 6p.m., I started patching the game, it doesn’t took long. Login into the game, saw a lot of changes there. Somehow, during the Nexon screen, a trailer somehow came out. It’s cool.

Logged in, a lot of new stuff has happen. Somehow, everything had change to GMS. The mobs names, Neo City quest item (N/A in Maplesea before this). I finally have the skill Intrepid Slash!!! And the best thing, I don’t even need a Mastery Book for it.

The world map had been enhanced. Edelstein is in the world map but is black-white in colour and it’s represented with ??

The Mirror of Dimension had also been enhanced. Now it can be transported to all Party Quest Maps, Zipangu and New Leaf City.

This is the update until now. Wait until next week for the release of RESSISTANCE in Maplesea!!!

  1. February 13, 2012 at 4:05 PM

    You What Server oO? add me plz MechanicZMS

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