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Bossing adventures

May 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Went to fight 2 bosses at Ossyria, they are Papulatus and Pianus. Fight them by myself.

Started with Papulatus, its easier this time than other times. But still hated those Dispels and Stuns caused by it. The drops are not so great, only some potions, mesos and Certificate.

Originally, I wanted to go back to Leafre. But instead, stopped at Aqua Road to fight Pianus. Surfed a few channel and finally found a Pianus. I was lucky to find one. Pianus is way easier compared to Papulatus except it can spam hitting 1 hp 1 mp and cancelling Weapon Attack (means make me attack 1 only).


The drops are also same as Papulatus. Some potions, mesos, and a Certificate. I could down it faster than Papulatus is because it’s hp and level is lower.

Went to do the Strong Will quest which requires a Miniture Pianus. I can only manage to get a few Piece Of Courage because of the low drop rate done by them.

New decision, stay at Ludibrum to fight Papulatus everyday to level up faster. How’s it?

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Black Belt

May 29, 2011 Leave a comment

XFlyBaMageX had hunted a Potential Scroll at Streetlights. The Potential Scroll is then passed to my main.

It was in my mind, 30% of the failure chance causes the Black Belt to burst. Instead, I took the risk. I was lucky it passed. I was so happy.

Bought a Magnifying Glass for 400k mesos. Magnified the Black Belt. I was frustated, this weak stat came out.

Need to buy a Miracle Cube for this. Hope it can be better.

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XFlyBaMageX – Day 4

May 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Today is the fourth day after starting my Battle Mage.

Today, started the game by going fishing. I got 105 fishing nets at start which waste me a lot of time to finish catching the fishes. The fishes are hard to catch and requires a lot of patience.

This is something wierd, a Big Belly Fish. Opening it contains some noob items like ores and potions. Its better to get points than this one.

Went to Edelstein to finish some quests. Took me some time to finish them. After that, took the ride to Orbis and took me 3 minutes to go there. Its 2 minutes faster than going to Victoria Island. Went to train at Pixies, somehow my damage is higher than I expected. Maybe is because of the equipments my cousin borrowed me. In the picture below, you could see my damage could reach 1300+ with a single attack of the Quad Blow.

The Finisher skill does 1000 damage higher than yesterday, it can reach more than 5000 damage.

See that staff I’m using? It’s called Revolution Staff. Its a special staff only for Battle Mages. It can level like a Reverse/Timeless equipment but is higher. Mine is level 6 now and it’s not maxed, I also not sure what level it can reach. The Magic Attack is 59 and is purple in colour even without scrolling it. Its one of the source of my power.

Lastly, went to Monster Carnival for a few rounds. I can fight very easily but when comes to Rombot, misses happen but it’s still not a problem.

Reached level 45 at the end. It’s slow because I only up 5 levels today. For the future, I will continue Monster Carnival. Based on my observation, I can up more than 50% of my EXP within 10 minutes by Monster Carnival.

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XFlyBaMageX – Day 3

May 28, 2011 Leave a comment

XFlyBaMageX had became a second job Battle Mage. Today, for my training, i went to Mushroom Castle and Kerning Square to do the quests.

My leveling is slow but I think it’s quite fast for now. Mushroom Castle takes lesser time that’s for real.

This is something special, my skill The Finisher can reach up to 4000 in damage. Its true, here is an evidence.

Went to fight Rock Spirit, it is hard because it’s level is high. A lot of misses happen but I could down in with 150+ White Potions.

This is a video I’ve recorded.

My training is slow because of the disconnection happen and a lot of things that I must finish. I hope my training can be faster so I can be a pro Battle Mage.

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Dragon Rider PQ

May 28, 2011 Leave a comment

This is the first time I’ve attempt a Dragon Rider PQ. I went with my 2 cousins and 2 other people. That makes 5 people. All are level  ≤140. So it’s hard to complete.

The Dragon Rider PQ is simple but yet hard, it only requires fighting. The first stage, second stage, third stage and fourth stage are nothing much. Just kill all those mobs there.

A Griffey appears on the fifth stage, kill it and the others to move to the boss. Dragonica/Vengeful Dragon.

The boss is tough in HP. It was too lag for us to finish the boss so we quit in the middle. If you die, you lost EXP but will not leave the PQ map. You will spawn in another map.

-27 May 2011

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May 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Resistance is here. I started 1 day late because of some matters. The Resistance patch takes 10 hours and it took me some time for my computer to finish the manual patch. After long minutes of waiting, I finished the patch. There is a lot of pictures in this post so I had to make it as a gallery.

I started a new Ressistance character named XFlyBaMageX, its a Battle Mage which I had decided to play before Big Bang Patch.

Started in Edelstein, I don’t know any walkthroughs, but I managed to complete all the quests. The tutorial is a waste of time, it took me some time to finish it. Edelstein is HUGE! Too much NPCs are there, take some time too to find those important ones.

Finished tutorial, I finally become a Battle Mage. Battle Mage is easier to get Ks-ed by Wild Hunters because of a slow speed. But they could teleport but it eats a lot of MP. I done a lot of quests and trainings, and lastly, I reached level 29 after 4 hours. It’s slow, but worth a try, it’s the first time I’ve ever done this in my Mapling life.

Edelstein is crowded with people, too much people are there so it makes me harder to finish my quests. But I could finish them somehow, I will train this character until level 70 if I could. I shall on my main for the ring only so I will train an hour for it.

The training progress for me is slow, too much people had to join a KS war. Of course, Wild Hunters win. They have fast jaguars and have long ranged shooting.

Explored Victoria Island for a while then went back to Edelstein again, the ride takes 5 minutes and 800 mesos.

-24 May 2011

SP Reset Scroll

May 23, 2011 Leave a comment

OMG I LOVE GM!!! Because he organised another event to get SP Reset Scroll. This time, every character can get the SP Reset Scroll. I am lucky because I get one and reset my mistake skills. I done this for my other characters too. I get it from the NPC Naomi.

How I add my skill:

First job – Max everything

Second job – Max everything except Advanced Basics (0)

Third job – Max everything except Magic Crash (3)

Fourth job – Maple Warrior (10), Intrepid Slash (30), Rush (1), Extra 4 SP for Advanced Combo.

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